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info_outline Coronavirus (COVID-19): We're now delivering all of our courses remotely via Live Online, OnDemand and Distance Learning.

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Student general FAQs

Last updated: 1st June 2020

We're now delivering all of our courses remotely via Live Online, OnDemand and Distance Learning. 


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Delivery of classroom courses

“Are Kaplan still running face-to-face classroom courses?”

From Tuesday 17th March and until further notice we have suspended all face-to-face teaching at our training locations across the UK. We cannot predict how long these measures will need to be in place, but we will provide you with at least one week’s notice before they are going to recommence.

“During the suspension of classroom courses, what alternative arrangements are in place for students?”

We are delivering a special timetable of Live Online classes or digital resources as a replacement for face-to-face courses. Details of your replacement resources and how to access these will be emailed to you separately.

Where possible, we will try to maintain teaching dates, however this will not be possible in all instances.  Should you be unable to attend a session on a new teaching date, you will be able to access the recording within 24 hours on MyKaplan.

Confirmation of dates and/or new scheduled dates will be sent to you along with your invitation link to the Live Online session.  Please note, the course confirmation email will still show the original location where your classroom course was scheduled to take place. Our priority is to get new dates to you as quickly as possible. 

In the event that you haven't received a notification, you can view your dates in MyKaplan.

Our Academic Support team will also continue to be available to support you. As a reminder, they are available 7 days a week via email, live chat and ‘request a callback‘ through MyKaplan.

"What if I have sound issues during a Live Online session?"

Due to the high volume of users all Live Online learning platforms have struggled to cope with volumes. Most of our issues now appear to have been resolved but should you have an issue with the audio during a session we recommend you do the following:

  1. Drop a message in the chat panel to let the tutor know (it maybe that everyone can't hear or just you)
  2. If it's just you that cannot hear:
    • Go to the tool bar at the top right hand side and you will see an arrow.
    • Click on the arrow and select “audio broadcast”. Leave the audio broadcast, count to 10 and then re-join.
    • That normally works but if not then log out of the entire session and log back in again.

Hard copy materials for classroom courses

(Please also refer to the page for the qualification you are studying for more specifics.)

“How will I get access to my hard copy materials if I can’t collect from a centre as planned?”

As an online retailer our publishing and warehouse team are continuing to operate.

To process your materials for delivery, we need you to complete your details and submit them on this form. We will only use this data for the purpose of sending the materials to you.

We have prioritised those courses which start first. Our warehouse team has so far dispatched all classes which start prior to Monday 8th June. Our couriers have notified us that delivery time frames will be 2-3 days, slightly longer than normal. We use Parcelforce for our deliveries, they will text you on the morning of the delivery with an expected hour slot.

Our aim is to get material to all students at least 2-3 days before the start of the class.

"What can I do if my hard copy materials have not yet arrived?"

If your course is due to start tomorrow and you have not received your material, please contact us on the email/phone number at the bottom of the FAQ.

In the meantime, all online versions of the study materials are available for students to access on MyKaplan or Schweser. Do also remember that you can access your materials on an iPhone, iPad and android devices even when you are offline via the Brightspace Pulse App. Please find details on how to use this here.

Computer Based Exams

“Will exams go ahead as planned at a Kaplan location?”

All computer based exams (CBEs) at a Kaplan training location have been suspended.

Due to Covid-19, Kaplan will not be offering computer based exams in our training locations for the foreseeable future. Students who have booked to sit their exams with us will be contacted by Kaplan Student Services to arrange a refund.

Some of the Institutes have found remote proctoring solutions which will enable students to sit exams safely from home. Please see the Institute pages on our FAQs for more information on these remote options.

We do plan to re-open our training locations for computer based exams when it is safe and practical to do so. We will keep clients and students informed as soon as we feel exams can take place again.

We appreciate that for some of you, the exam involved is also part of your Apprenticeship End Point Assessment (EPA) or your Functional Skills. Talent Coaches will contact those students with up and coming exams planned.

Accessing Online resources

"What equipment do I need to access Kaplan Online learning resources?"

MyKaplan is a fully responsive site which means it will optimise for any device whether that be a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Within MyKaplan we have three main types of learning that you may wish to access but which may have some limitations:

  • Our OnDemand and Flexible Online content has not been optimised for consumption on small devices but it will adapt to the size of your screen. You can zoom in where the content appears too small. Your learning experience will be better on a tablet compared to a smartphone.
  • Our Live Online ‘live’ sessions need to be viewed in the ‘Cisco WebEx meetings’ app which can be downloaded from Apple’s App store and Google’s Play store. For more information on system requirements please visit our FAQs.
  • Our ‘recorded’ Live Online delivery will work on all devices where they have MP4s. We have a small number of recorded sessions that are not MP4s and therefore not available on mobile devices.
  • For both live and recorded sessions we recommend using a minimum of an A5 sized screen so that you can properly view the tutors notes.

Online assessments, such as Knowledge Checks, are fully responsive and will work on any device. PDFs can also be viewed and can be made available offline in our associated app - Brightspace Pulse.

Updates on Apprenticeships

“Does my Apprenticeship training need to stop if Kaplan has closed their training locations?”

Not at all, you can keep studying! Kaplan has temporarily closed its training centres but we are fully operational remotely, to allow you to continue with your Apprenticeship.

You do not need to stop your Apprenticeship and it is important we help you keep on track for completion and are here to be supportive and flexible, whilst everyone navigates a new reality.

"I am being supported by the Government job retention scheme known as "furloughing launch" - can I still continue with my Apprenticeship?"

Yes you can.

As long as you remain an employee, and are not doing work for your employer whilst furloughed, you can carry on with your Apprenticeship study programme. This should be a good opportunity to devote time to your study and get ahead.

However, if you cannot do any study or skills and behaviour development relevant to your Apprenticeship standard for more than four consecutive weeks, then you may need to go on a Break in Learning from your Apprenticeship. This should be for a four week period and then reviewed.

If you are furloughed please update your training log and let your Talent Coach know. Please make sure you provide your Talent Coach with a personal email address and mobile number so we can remain in contact with you whilst you're on furlough. We will place this information on your records and ensure you get full support to continue with your studies.

“I am a furloughed worker continuing with my apprenticeship. What happens to my 20% off the job?”

If you are continuing with your apprenticeship, whilst being Furloughed from work, you still need to meet your 20% requirements across your whole Apprenticeship. Whilst you are Furloughed any time you spend studying will count as Off the Job and so it could be a great time to get ahead with your programme. Whilst Furloughed you will not be doing any working hours.

Record your training time in your Training Log and your Talent Coach will help you to ensure that you have met your 20% requirement overall. And if you are doing more than 20% training to make the most of your furloughed time, there's no requirement from Kaplan that you cap it at 20% during furlough. Do press on and make the most of this time.

“I am a worker on reduced hours - how does this impact my 20% 'off the job' training time?”

It is important to remember that the 20% applies across the whole apprenticeship duration. There may be periods during which you are able to spend more time in training and other times when this isn't possible - as long as the total amount ends up at 20% of working hours over the whole Apprenticeship period, then that is ok. If you are working reduced hours for more than 4 consecutive weeks and you cannot commit to your intended training schedule then please note this on your Training Log and discuss it with your Talent Coach who can help you to make any necessary adjustments.

“Other aspects of my role have changed and I am concerned about my 20% Off the Job Training”

You might be covering a different part of the business at the moment which isn’t as relevant to your Apprenticeship. You might be asked not to take off the job time whilst there’s a shortage of colleagues. This is understandable in the current situation and should not mean that you need to stop learning.

Keep a note of this if it happens, so you can talk with your Talent Coach in your next review about additional time you’ll need. If it becomes unmanageable, please ask your line manager or Apprenticeship business lead to contact their Kaplan Account Manager or Talent Coach.

The main thing is to keep going and talk to us about any challenges you face.

“Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours - what can I do to keep on track?”

You can still be making progress towards the KSBs of your standard, even if you’re working remotely. Now may be a good time to:

  • access the e-learning on MyKapApp.
  • speak to your Talent Coach about our additional Skills and Behaviour resources for you to use whilst furloughed.
  • complete one of the assignments or mocks in your course.
  • update your training log.
  • complete a reflections log.
  • book onto one of the on-line development days.
  • make sure you’re up to date with what’s expected in your End Point Assessment - this could be a good time to get ahead.

“Are Apprenticeship development days still going ahead?”

All face-to-face development days have been temporarily suspended until at least the end of June. Some development day sessions have been transferred to shorter on-line classes.

Apprentices should continue with 'skills and behaviours' training online in MyKapApp, and through our additional Skills and Behaviour resources (Learning Through the Lockdown microsite) if you're at home and furloughed.

“Functional skills - is now a good time to prioritise them?”

If you haven’t yet completed your diagnostic on Maths and English, and have been allocated some work to do on this, seize some time to get Functional Skills work done and dusted.

If you were due to take a Functional Skills assessment between 20 March and the end of July 2020, there's good news as City & Guilds have announced that we can determine your grades ourselves, rather than you sitting the exam.

The guidance from City & Guilds will be closely followed. There are many of our apprentices in this situation, so it will take some time to go through everyone's prior work/results/evidence and then conduct standardisation to determine functional skills' results. So please bear with us whilst we go through this important process.

“Talent Coach - how will I stay in contact?”

We’re holding all review meetings with your Talent Coach via phone or video. Please keep those meetings in your diary, even if you’re working from home.

You also have your Talent Coach’s email address. They can support you with the changing landscape and offer advice and guidance.

“End Point Assessment - I am due to have my End Point Assessment in the next few weeks. What does that mean for me?”

You will not be able to complete your Apprenticeship without completing your End Point Assessment. Please refer to the specific detail regarding the qualification you are studying to get full details of what it means for you personally.

We will be reaching out to you as the planned time of your EPA approaches to let you know next steps regarding any imminent EPAs (we will prioritise those whose EPA are coming up). If your EPA is due in the next few weeks and you haven't heard anything, please contact your Talent Coach.

Last updated: 15th May 2020

Who is best to contact for help and advice?

For accountancy and tax students please be aware that we are experiencing high call volumes throughout this period. You can call us on 0161 259 7400 or email us at and an advisor will assist you as soon as possible.

For Banking and Finance (CFA, CAIA, FRM, IMC and CISI) please redirect your enquiry to

If you are worried about your progress through your Apprenticeship, please speak to your talent coach.

For information on your specific qualification please visit the Qualification and course update page.

If you would like some support with technical questions while you are studying don't forget about our Academic Support team. They are available 7 days a week via email, live chat and 'request a callback' through MyKaplan.

Safeguarding and Mental Health

If you have any safeguarding concerns, please contact us via during working hours. It is a confidential email account.

There are two very good charities who have out of hours support: NSPCC for concerns about young people 0808 800 5000 or the Samaritans 116123.

We can also signpost you to several helpful organisations - we have collated contact details of organisations such as Anxiety UK, Mind, CALM, and Young Minds.

Awards & Accreditations