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Will Marsden

Final week as a Kaplan Intern

My final Uni deadline was a couple of weeks ago and it had been quite a busy time trying to balance working and studying simultaneously. It was a big relief to finally finish and hand in my dissertation though and the last couple of weeks I...
A tennis player looking at a laptop with a tennis racket resting on a sports bag

Boost your employability!

Employers are always looking for the best possible candidates to join their company, but if everyone’s got the same work experience and qualifications, how can you stand out? Here are some of the best extra-curricular activities and skills…
A desk with a keyboard, 2 monitors and a mug

How to impress in the office

The move from school leaver to apprentice can be a big one and one of the first hurdles for young professionals to overcome is being aware of some of the existing office rules and etiquette. Whilst it may seem like a daunting step, learning…

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My Kaplan Internship - Two Months In

I’m currently almost two months into my Internship at Kaplan and the past few weeks have been pretty busy with the campaigns that the marketing department are running at the moment. With the A level and GCSE results days fast approaching, t...

Worst questions to ask at your interview

Interviews can be tricky and preparation is often key to performing well in an interview situation. Normally at the end of the interview, you may be asked if you have any questions that you want to ask. Whilst asking the right questions can...

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