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Award winning training provider

Award winning training provider

Excellent pass rates

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Kaplan are one of the largest Apprenticeship training providers in the UK

Our apprenticeship intent is:

  • Providing access into well-paid careers at successful employers
  • Meeting local and national skills needs and increasing UK productivity
  • Deploying our many years’ professional experience to make a difference to every learner and inspire them to succeed.

We train over 10,000 apprentices every year, and 75 of the FTSE 100 companies use us for training. We have a team of over 200 qualified and expert tutors to deliver top rated courses around the country.

We are also top rated by apprentices - rated 8th out of top 50 Apprenticeship providers on Rate My Apprenticeship.

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Debunking Apprenticeship myths

There are many things people have said about Apprenticeships that just aren’t true any more.

Apprenticeships are only for young people.

Not at all. You have to be over 16, but anyone can start an Apprenticeship at any age.


Graduates cannot do Apprenticeships.

They can, but they can’t already have a degree in a similar level qualification.


Existing staff cannot become an apprentice.

Anyone can do an Apprenticeship, no matter how long they’ve been working at a company. In fact it’s a great way to build your skills whilst you keep working.


Accounting apprentices can only do AAT.

No, in fact there are many professional qualifications available now that can be included in an Apprenticeship - including AAT, CIMA, ACCA, CFAB, ATT, ICAEW and CTA.


Apprenticeships are inflexible and you have to study certain exams at certain times.

Apprentices do need to follow a dedicated study pathway but the way in which they study can be flexible, including classroom, live online and on demand options. We have a very flexible exam timetable to fit around our apprentices so you can still pick and choose what works best for you.


All about Apprenticeships

What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are essentially a job with training. They are a fantastic way to gain a qualification through work-based learning, whether you’re starting or changing your career, or if you’re looking to upskill.

Apprenticeships are linked to specific job roles and ensure you develop the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to succeed and excel in your chosen career. They include an industry-relevant professional qualification and take between one and four years to complete through a combination of work-based assessment, practical workshops, progress reviews and classroom lessons.

At the end of your Apprenticeship, you will demonstrate all you have learned in an independent assessment which will prove competence in your job role and help you progress in your career.

How does it work?

Apprenticeships are designed to develop core knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to demonstrate competence in a chosen job role. Much of this knowledge is gained from day-to-day working duties, however, Apprentices must spend 20% of their time on the programme in training and development. This doesn’t mean they need to be out of the office one day a week but can include study for a professional qualification, skills-based workshops or developmental 1-2-1s.

At the end of their programme Apprentices need to take an Independent End Point Assessment which will include at least two forms of assessment and demonstrate competence across the whole Apprenticeship.

By studying and working at the same time, Apprentices gain experience at the same time as acquiring essential knowledge, giving them greater confidence in the workplace.

Why Kaplan?

We offer a large choice of Apprenticeships in Accountancy and Tax, Financial Services, Financial Markets and Digital. Here are some of the reasons you should choose us as your training provider:

  • Track record
    We’ve delivered Apprenticeship programmes for over 15 years.
  • Expertise
    Our top team of 200 qualified and expert tutors are currently training over 10,000 apprentices each year.
  • Support
    Learners have access to a Talent Coach who will provide support throughout the programme, making sure they're progressing as they should be.
  • Top rated by apprentices
    Rated 8th out of top 50 Apprenticeship providers on Rate My Apprenticeship.
  • Development sessions
    Our programmes include a range of optional online development sessions. These interactive sessions focus on key Skills and Behaviours that will benefit your development.
  • Trusted by industry
    75 of the FTSE top 100 companies have used us to train their staff.

Learners can choose between our flexible learning options to study for their Apprenticeship, which depending on the programme chosen include classroom, OnDemand and Live Online. Where available, learners can even mix and match the study methods across different units to suit their lifestyle.

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