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Finance Data Technician (Level 3)

Accounting involves data from various sources and sometimes there aren’t dedicated resources to support working on the data, ready to be used by the accounting team.

As an evolution of the Data User apprenticeship, this industry tailored programme is the first of its kind to combine essential data skills and competencies with core accountancy knowledge for those working in a finance function, but not necessarily in an accounting role.

It offers your employees the unique opportunity to be equipped with relevant skills to directly apply their learning in the workplace and unlock potential from your data. As well as developing technical skills using a range of core technologies and platforms, your employees will develop the ability to source, analyse, work with financial data, and generate insights that underpin business decisions to build a case for change.

Ideal for new talent in the organisation with an active interest in data or existing staff taking on a more data centric role within a finance function in any industry or sector.

If you’re seeking to maximise the benefit of time used as part of off-the-job training and develop technical capability coupled with sector relevant skills that can be directly applied to the role, this apprenticeship might be the right option for you.

If you’re looking to develop broader data analysis skills, you may also be interested in our Data Analyst apprenticeship Level 4.

Individuals on this programme are employed in a variety of roles across most departments within an organisation.

One of the key things to success is that the job role and Line Manager provide the opportunities, support, and relevant work based projects to be able to contextualise and apply the apprentice's learning back in the workplace, to gain real competency in that area.

An apprentice’s journey doesn’t end when their apprenticeship has finished. The next steps could be to specialise in data with a Data Analyst Level 4 programme, or pursue an accounting specialism. This could be done with the Professional Accounting Taxation Technician Level 4 Apprenticeship and further progressing on to an Accounting or Taxation Professional Level 7 apprenticeship.

Regardless of age or prior attainment, anyone can do an apprenticeship provided they’re learning new skills and are employed in England, in a relevant role. Kaplan will support you to assess the job role suitability as part of your application.

To do this apprenticeship employers may specify that candidates must have at least a grade 4/C GCSE (or equivalent) in Maths and English. If apprentices don’t have this level of Maths and English, Kaplan offers free resources and support to make sure they develop their understanding of the subjects and application by the end of their apprenticeship.

Apprentices typically have one of the following:

  • GCSE or other Level 2 qualification
  • 12 months of work experience in the last 24 months if they do not have any other Level 3 qualifications


Level 3


Data Technician


15 months + 3 months EPA

Costs / funding band

Free for learners

Optional qualifications

Optional exam and certification in Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Associate (Excel and Excel 2019)

Accountancy pathways

AAT Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping
ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business
Level 4 CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

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About the programme

Help your people make better decisions

The Finance Data Technician apprenticeship will help your people make better decisions through the right competencies to understand what’s happening today, and help you transform your business for tomorrow.

Learn essential skills that are in high demand

With both accounting knowledge and high capabilities in digital skills, your Finance Data Technician apprentice will be able to support your wider team and implement efficiencies with insightful financial analysis.

Support and insight for managers

We have robust processes and reporting in place to ensure you and your line managers have all the insight needed to help your apprentices progress and succeed.

Support for apprentices

Each learner has regular 1:1 contact and progress reviews to keep them on track, review their portfolio, and get them fully prepared for their final assessments.

AAT, ACCA and CIMA logos

Included in this apprenticeship

Our Finance Data Technician apprenticeship programme integrates eight modules of technical training with work based projects. This ensures that learning and skills are directly applied to the apprentice’s role, and maximises the time used as part of off-the-job training.

For each module, learners benefit from attending small, scheduled Live Online classes taught by a subject matter specialist, combined with additional online learning that can be completed at their own pace. Each of our live classes are interactive and discursive, giving apprentices quality time with tutors and sector peers to support the development of their knowledge and skills and bring new perspectives to their thinking. Learners also get practical lab time to hone their skills and practice using real data in a safe but simulated environment.

2 days
Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Associate

Fundamentals of creating and managing worksheets and workbooks, creating cells and ranges, creating tables, applying formulas and functions, and creating charts and objects.

  • Manage worksheets and workbooks
  • Manage data cells and ranges
  • Manage tables and table data
  • Perform operations by using formulas and functions
  • Manage charts
1 day
Data Literacy

An introduction to various facets of data, including data protection and governance (GDPR and Data Protection Laws), understanding data, basics of analytics and data informed decision making.

It will cover:

  • How data is used in an organisation
  • How to work in a data-driven culture
  • Making data-driven decisions
Self paced learning
Optional: AAT pathway

The modules covered as part of the AAT pathway will build core knowledge, and provide the option to sit exams enabling individuals to achieve the AAT Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping qualification alongside their Data Technician apprenticeship.

Modules covered include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Accounting: Preparing Financial Statements (FAPS)
  • Tax Processes for Businesses (TPFB)
Self paced learning
Optional: CIMA pathway

The modules covered as part of the CIMA pathway will build core knowledge, and provide the option to sit exams enabling individuals to achieve the Level 4 CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting alongside their Data Technician apprenticeship.

Modules covered include:

  • Fundamentals of Business Economics (BA1)
  • Fundamentals of Management Accounting (BA2)
  • Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (BA3)
  • Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law (BA4
Self paced learning
Optional: ACCA pathway

The modules covered as part of the ACCA pathway will build core knowledge, and provide the option to sit exams enabling individuals to achieve the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business alongside their Data Technician apprenticeship.

Modules covered include:

  • Business and Technology (BT)
  • Management Accounting (MA)
  • Financial Accounting (FA)
4 days
Data Analysis and Visualisation with Excel

This module equips learners with modern analytical skills and the ability to analyse trends in data and generate business intelligence for enhanced business operations and better decision making in day to day business.

It will cover:

  • How to perform data analysis fundamentals
  • Analysing data with pivot tables
  • Transforming and reporting data
  • Data Visualisation using Excel
2 days
Databases and Data Modelling

This module delves into the principles and use of databases, giving apprentices the knowledge and practical understanding to use database systems in the workplace.

It will cover:

  • What is a database
  • Designing a database and data modelling
  • Managing tables
  • Querying and sharing data in the database using SQL
3 days
Data Challenge workshop

This three-day workshop will take the learner through a practical application of a data project.

Learners will be provided with a practical project structure which will involve working through various activities that a data technician will typically carry out. This will include picking data from various sources, cleansing data, processing it and visualising data to be presented to various stakeholders.

The data challenge will help support the learner in preparing them for their End Point Assessment giving them an opportunity to build their data skills in an immersive exercise getting real time feedback as they hone their skills.

Generative AI course

A one-day online course during which apprentices will learn about AI, discuss the theories and practice behind it, and leave with an action plan for further development. Bring significant value to your organisation with our Generative AI course.

Skills development

To complement the technical training, apprentices will develop sector relevant skills at the right time for their job role. Areas of focus for this programme include communicating effectively, time management, team working and making a personal impact.

Through discussion with their talent coach and line manager, apprentices will be directed to skills modules at the most optimal point in their programme and depending on the specific needs of their job role. Their talent coach will then support the ongoing development of these skills in the workplace during progress review meetings.


Programmes are running regularly throughout the year. View our timetables for scheduled Live Online sessions to see when the next one is running.

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Why choose Kaplan to do a Finance Data Technician apprenticeship?

technology pictogram
In-demand tech skills

Our Finance Data Technician apprenticeship equips your teams with the future facing skills they need to create success.

leading pictogram
Leading partners

Underpinned by specialist content and learning labs co-created with leaders in their field developing your skills in a range of technologies and platforms alongside core accountancy principles.

e-learning click pictogram
Comprehensive learning

Learners attend scheduled, interactive Live Online classes involving lots of practical discussion and application, and combine this with additional online learning that can be completed at their own pace.

tailored pictogram
Unique programme

The Finance Data Technician offers the unique opportunity for individuals to create a well-rounded set of competencies and the confidence to take on future accountancy and data challenges.

Support for employers:
  • Named client solutions point of contact to support you at every stage
  • Recruitment service to help you hire an apprentice for a new vacancy
  • Transparency throughout the application and onboarding process for your learners
  • Sector expert tutors and talent coaches delivering relevant training and development
  • Learning that is applied to your organisation through work based experience
  • Accurate, timely and accessible tracking for each learner
  • Line Manager visibility of your learner’s portfolio dashboards
Support for learners:
  • Tutor contact via email outside of scheduled classes
  • Regular 1:1 contact and progress reviews with their line manager and a named, industry experienced talent coach to keep them on track, review their portfolio and get them fully prepared for their End Point Assessment.
  • Peer to peer contacts from across the industry as part of a small cohort - creating opportunities to spark new ideas and get new perspectives
  • Apprenticeship ePortfolio to track their progress, capture off-the-job activity and hours, manage and capture progress reviews, upload evidence, as well as communication with their Talent Coach
  • Interactive lab environment to practise and put learning to the test
  • Student Service support available 362 days a year
  • Work based projects and support from a line manager to be able to contextualise and apply their learning back in the workplace

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