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Kaplan's refer a friend scheme has now closed and is no longer accepting new referrals.

Kaplan appreciate the student referrals received, but from 2nd June 2017 we will no longer be processing new applications. If you referred a friend on or before 2nd June 2017, your friend will have 12 months from the date of application to successfully enrol onto an eligible course. Upon enrolment, you and your friend will receive your Amazon vouchers. Full terms and conditions apply.

We will continue to gather and measure feedback from students through our satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys and will focus on improving and investing in the things that students have told us are most important to them.

How it works

Follow these steps to earn your voucher:

You completed the form before your friend enrolled or up to one month after, before 2nd June 2017

Your friend is contacted by our customer service team.

Your friend enrols on a course if they haven't already.

Vouchers are sent out one month after your friend starts studying.

*Terms and conditions
  1. The Refer a Friend award scheme rewards will be issued on a monthly basis to persons who have satisfied all the scheme conditions in the proceeding month.
  2. Referring Person - To be an eligible referrer, such person:
    1. must have attended a course through Kaplan Financial in the 12 months prior to making a referral;
    2. must not have any outstanding debts with Kaplan Financial
    3. If a formal payment plan agreement has been entered with Kaplan, with all, including at least one direct debit payment(s) have been successfully made and there are no other outstanding debts with Kaplan Financial then clause ii does not apply
    4. may successfully refer a maximum of 10 persons under the scheme offer; and
    5. Must take responsibility for checking that their employer is happy for them to act as a referee, if the employer is paying for their studies.
  3. Referred person - To be an eligible referred person, such person;
    1. must not have attended any Kaplan Financial courses within the preceding 2 years;
    2. must complete a "Refer a Friend "online application form, either a maximum of 12 months prior to enrolling on a course or one month post enrolling on a course; and
    3. must enrol (in a single enrolment) on classroom, Live Online, online or distance learning course(s) which have a published price of more than £300 (before VAT) or be signed up onto a Government funded course (Apprenticeship)
    4. must enrol within 12 months of making a Refer a Friend application. If enrolling more than 12 months since the application, the student will need to apply for the scheme again and must conform to the terms and conditions
    5. All non-funded courses must be paid for in full before the rewards are issued. If a payment plan has been arranged, then the rewards will not be issued to either party until the balance has been settled
    6. Rewards will be issued subject to it being confirmed that the referred person has been on a Government funded programme, distance learning or online course with Kaplan Financial for more than the 14 day cooling off period, or attended at least 1 day of their Kaplan Financial classroom or Live Online course.
  4. Reward general conditions
    1. The reward will be in the form of a £50 Amazon e-voucher given to both the referring and referred person. All purchases must be redeemed via within the expiry date quoted within email correspondence.
    2. Kaplan Financial reserves the right to withhold or refuse to honour the rewards if any conditions have not been met or if the course or Government funded programme is cancelled or deferred by the referred person.
    3. The reward scheme is not valid if the person being referred is employed by a company with whom Kaplan Financial has a training provider contract, service level agreement or dedicated fee agreement.
    4. By providing information online the referred and referring persons automatically agree to opt in to receiving marketing information by email from Kaplan Financial and its sister companies. Either student can opt out of receiving this information at any time.
    5. A referred person can only be referred by one referring person. If referred person id referred by more than one student then the first referrer will receive the reward.
    6. No cash alternatives apply
    7. Kaplan Financial reserves the right to change the format of the reward scheme or to withdraw the scheme at any time without notice. Any changes will be specified on the website
    8. Kaplan Financial's decision is final on all matters relating to the scheme
    9. The reward scheme is not open to employees, agents or contractors of Kaplan Financial and/or any affiliated or subsidiary companies or their immediate families or any other person connected or involved with the reward scheme.
    10. Kaplan Financial cannot accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by any person participating in the reward scheme.