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Stuart Pedley Smith - Kaplan's Head of Learning

How to make boring subjects, interesting

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When we think something’s ‘boring’ we struggle to engage with it. With accountancy, as with any study subject, some areas are perceived as more ‘interesting’ than others. But what if we could blur the lines between boring and interesting?
Bronnie Clarke

CIMA Strategic Case Study - Exam Tips

  • Case study
Bronwyn Clarke came 1st in the world for the CIMA Strategic case study. Following this fantastic result, we seized the opportunity to ask her one simple question ‘How?’.
Abbey Lacey

AAT Apprentice - combining work and study

  • Case study
Meet Abby Lacey. She’s 42, and an Office Manager for Thames Valley Berkshire LEP Ltd. A recent AAT Apprentice with Kaplan, she’s now looking to progress to Level 7.

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Start your ACCA journey with OnDemand

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ACCA’s Applied Knowledge level is available for the OnDemand platform*, ensuring we have the best study options for ACCA starters.

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