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How to become a Tax Technician

What is a Tax Technician?

A Tax Technician works with individuals or businesses to help them prepare their tax returns. They will often look for the most tax efficient methods of paying any tax owed, whilst keeping to strict legal and ethical rules. When working with larger clients, they may also advise on tax implications of bigger decisions such as investments, restructuring or merging of a business.

What can I expect to earn?

Salaries for Tax Practitioners vary widely. Once qualified, you could expect between £35,000 and £45,000, but senior specialists can exceed £60,000 a year with substantial benefits.

Alternatively, Tax Practitioners can work for themselves and expect a similar salary with added flexibility.

What skills do you need to be a good Tax Technician?

  • An interest in tax law – during your studies to become a Tax Technician, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of local tax laws. You’ll need to stay up to date with any changes or updates though
  • Good ethical principles – you’ll begin to see there are different ways to interpret some tax laws and you will need to make sure you are advising your client/business based on best practice and follow ethical codes of conduct.

How do I get into a career in Tax?

To start your career in Tax, typical entry routes would include the ATT or ACA qualifications. This will help you get your first tax based role.

From there, you can then progress onto the CTA qualification to become a Chartered Tax specialist where you can begin to work your way up the career ladder.

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