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Kaplan Success Story: From Kaplan scholar, to dream job

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We caught up with Magdalena Woźnikiewicz, two years after gaining a place on Kaplan’s AAT scholarship (2020) to find out what studying has meant for her career.

Hi Magdalena! Tell us how you came to hear about Kaplan

When I moved to the UK and started my job search I knew I wanted to continue working in finance, as that was my background in Poland. Very quickly, I discovered that UK job sites referred to certificates such as: AAT, CIMA, ACCA when it came to finance roles.

After further investigation, I saw a Kaplan article that referred to an opportunity for a Kaplan Scholarship Place to study L2 AAT. So I signed up for this and a few weeks later I was told that I had been successful.

I was so delighted because Kaplan has given me a chance to expand my knowledge and to start my professional career here. This was exactly the opportunity I needed at the time.

How was your experience with us?

In my drive towards professional growth and career goals, Kaplan clearly understood and responded to my needs. The company created an environment where I could quickly develop, by providing me with all materials and support that are necessary.

Thanks to the "MyKaplan” study platform I was able to monitor my progression and keep track of all my mock exam results. I was also able to review the topics I had to work on and organise my study time effectively.

Having both printed textbooks and videos allowed me to study effectively on my own, and in my spare time.
A screenshot of 2 emails confirming Magdalena’s scholarship, above images of a Kaplan box filled with Kaplan study materials that she received

What has taking part in this scholarship meant for your career?

During my time studying I have also been working in my day job, and thanks to being given a Careers Coach as part of the scholarship programme, I was given the confidence to explore internal finance roles within my current company. The advice from my Careers Coach was great.

I had been getting to know more about other departments, and luckily a very interesting job vacancy became available - because I had been speaking to colleagues in the department, they encouraged me to apply - so I did.

A few days later I was notified that I was successful! I was very grateful that the management team, from the finance department, trusted me enough to offer it to me.

So far, under my supervisor's outstanding leadership, I have been able to contribute strongly to our team.

How do you intend to advance your career further?

After the wonderful experience with Kaplan, I have decided to continue my studies and start CIMA - to further improve my skills and knowledge. This is something I also discussed with my Careers Coach - I have already received my materials, and I’m happy to continue this amazing and motivational journey with Kaplan.

Although the scholarship has now ended, I was offered a final Careers Coaching session to talk about my longer term career goals which I am looking forward to.

I believe studying CIMA will allow me to explore complex finance topics so I can be even more productive and efficient at work.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

I’m very grateful to Kaplan that they’ve given me an opportunity and have trusted me. I always believe that with effort and dedication, great things can happen. This was proven when I unexpectedly received Employee of the Year at my company at the end of last year!

I wish everyone could have the same experience and support in their professional journey as I have received.

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