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Changez and Laiba Baig talk generational differences, the UGC babe and working in finance

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Three people sitting on a sofa with the words career goals

The first episode of our brand new YouTube series, Career Goals, is finally live, and we’ve started off with two very exciting guests.

Our first episode of Career Goals saw the host, Kelsey Haslam, joined by a father and daughter duo - Changez and Laiba Baig.


Changez is a traditional accountant and worked his way up to a senior level in his career. From a career perspective, Changez has done it all - starting with an apprenticeship, studying AAT with Kaplan, and then always keeping an open mind about the future developments within the finance industry to help him grow his knowledge, expertise, and career.

Laiba, Changez’s daughter, also started her career in accounting at fourteen years old, due to the encouragement of her father. However, after working in the industry, she decided to take another career path - completely different to what she and her father expected.

The funny, inspiring, and thought provoking episode takes a deeper dive into their family dynamic, and how Changez truly feels about Laiba choosing a career as a TikTok content creator over an accountant.

Key topics discussed


Laiba and Changez talk about how he always wanted her to be an accountant, but after working in the industry Laiba opted to go down a different career path. She explains how she navigated that transformation despite reservations from Changez.

Social media

The topic of social media is raised, discussing Laiba’s work as a content creator with TikTok and how Changez feels about this career path. They highlight the pressures and demands within their family dynamic to put 100% into everything they do.

Never have I ever

The truth comes out while Laiba and Changez’s generational similarities and differences are clear to see during a game of Never Have I Ever.

Industry myths

Kelsey reads out a variety of statements that can be considered ‘myth’ or ‘fact’ to find out Laiba and Changez’s views - but do they agree with each other?

The discussion that follows reveals their views on topics such as whether accountancy is a creative career path, the benefits of university versus a professional qualification or apprenticeship, and technological advancements regarding AI, social media, and finance.

Final thoughts

The closing question is asked: what does ‘career goals’ mean to you?

Watch the full episode

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Start your career journey

While Changez and Laiba went in opposite directions in terms of their careers, they both still believe that the AAT qualification is extremely useful to have so you can follow whichever career path you choose.

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