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Kathy Walton reveals how to become a CEO, her family life and background

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Kathy Walton

The second episode of our new YouTube series, Career Goals, is now available to watch, and it features a very special guest - Kaplan UK CEO, Kathy Walton.

In this episode of Career Goals, host Kelsey Haslam and Kathy Walton discuss all about Kathy’s career history and background so far, including how she got to her current position as Kaplan UK CEO.

This engaging, quick-witted, and eye-opening episode emphasises that nothing is impossible to reach when working towards your career aspirations, and even people in highly commended job roles can still be just ordinary people from humble backgrounds.

Key topics discussed


Kathy talks about her role as a CEO, what this entails and how she worked her way up to this job role.

She highlights how she started as a student striving to be a tutor at Kaplan but was soon taking on plenty more responsibilities before naturally progressing to become the CEO of Kaplan Financial UK.

Kathy also reflects back to her roots. She was raised in Bolton and a big football fan, and references this in more detail to showcase how this passion helped her to get to where she is today.

Never have I ever

We get to know more about Kathy, her experience and general views while playing a game of Never have I ever. The truth comes out and we find that even the CEO of Kaplan UK hasn’t always been perfect in job interviews!

Digital stories

Kelsey asks Kathy to think of a number that’s significant to her. The conversation that follows helps us understand a lot more about Kathy’s personality, her background and how just one number can help shape someone’s views, lifestyle, or career.

Industry myths

Kelsey reads out a variety of statements that can be considered ‘myth’ or ‘fact’ to find out Kathy’s views.

The discussion that follows reveals Kathy’s views on subjects such as economics, whether university is essential to become a CEO, and the characteristics that make a successful CEO.

Final thoughts

Kathy answers the closing question: what does ‘career goals’ mean to you?

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