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Our process for designing your apprenticeship programme

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Successful apprenticeship programmes should compliment the way you and your teams work.

Whether you’re looking to take on school leavers, graduates or up-skill internal members of staff at Kaplan, we know having an apprenticeship programme that meets your business needs is critical. That is why we have a team of design experts to help create a programme that is right for you.

Initial conversation

It all starts with an initial conversation, a chance for us to get to know your business.

If you are unfamiliar with apprenticeships, we can help you make sense of the funding rules and any apprenticeship jargon you might have come across. Having worked with countless employers on apprenticeships, you can be confident you are in safe hands.

We will want to hear from you any ambitions you have for a new programme, what roles your potential apprentices would be doing and what career aspirations you have for them beyond the apprenticeship.

It’s vital for us to fully understand your values as well as some of the challenges you may be facing as a business. With this understanding in mind, when further in the design process we can make recommendations on how to address your concerns. Ideas can range from restructuring the order of technical exams to arranging additional line manager information sessions.

Skills gaps

Once we understand your business, we can help you to identify any skills gaps you might have. You may have already done some of this research yourself. We have a wealth of support and innovative resources tailored to your employees and their job role that can be built into your programme.

We can look at job descriptions from key departments you want to focus on and map these to the appropriate apprenticeship standards. This has the added benefit of highlighting to you the knowledge, skills and behaviours you can expect to see from any potential candidates.

Your internal training and work activities

Many employers that come to us already have a wealth of internal resources and training. This training often is tailored to the needs of the business and embodies their values. Where appropriate to the curriculum of the apprenticeship standard, we can map your internal activities to the 20% off-the-job training required of all apprenticeship programmes.

In a similar way, informing us of any work-related activities that you anticipate arising during the programme. For example, an annual company conference or client event could provide apprentices with ample opportunities to display their communication and networking skills. Or a regular internal audit could allow the apprentices to project manage and implement the recommendations made at specific points in the year.

Ultimately, the more we understand about your internal training and the work activities you expect apprentices to undertake the better. Kaplan can then create a programme that compliments and builds on what apprentices are already learning in the workplace.

Kaplan’s training offer

Your Kaplan apprenticeship design will enable you to develop future talent that will have a significant impact on your business's productivity and performance, while providing an ambitious career opportunity that is right for your employees.