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The value of staff appraisals

Performance management report

Did you know that 10% of UK companies do not carry out staff appraisals or share business objectives with their workforce?

Our new appraisal report details to what extent UK companies are truly engaged with the appraisal process and sets out recommendations to help improve your appraisal objectives setting and personal development strategies.

What's included?

  • Discover how often businesses conduct appraisals and who benefits from the process
  • Learn whether the appraisal process allows businesses to manage staff more efficiently
  • Learn how the appraisal results relate to progression opportunities
  • Evaluate the impact of appraisal on staff morale and business performance

The report findings also highlight that employees that are engaged in the appraisal process are 87% less likely to leave their organisation than those disengaged.

We hope you find the report useful in improving your appraisal objective setting and personal development strategy.

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