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The Apprenticeship Levy – Have you “heard it on the grapevine?”

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At the end of February 2016 I watched the Association of Employment and Learning Provider (AELP) Chief Executive’s update web-ex, always a really useful and trust-worthy source of information for anything to do with Apprenticeships and funding. During the presentation, there was mention of concern over the growing number of ‘predictions’ sprouting up about the Apprenticeship Levy when in reality very little information had actually been released.

The Levy is clearly a huge talking point for anybody involved in the Apprenticeship sector and especially for employers many of whom are facing a very large tax bill next year when the Levy comes in (how much Levy employers will need to pay and when it comes in is something that has actually been released!). Naturally we all like to speculate but we need to make sure this is tempered by what we actually know.

The suggestion that we may not know the full details until June is quite worrying as it gives many more months for rumours to circulate. We would like to see more information released by the government sooner than later so we can provide our employers, who look to us for advice, with genuine fact and explanation, and not rely on what amounts to little more than hearsay.

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