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Award winning training provider

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A technique that’s always useful to review, at any time during studying, is how to approach question practice AND how to make sure what you do is purposeful so you see the results.

All of Kaplan’s courses include plenty of practice right from the start, from fixed tests and short form questions through to mock exams which replicate the actual exam.

The key to effective question practice is not just the quantity of practice (or study), but that the practice is purposeful. This means it needs to be deliberate, focused, and requires a degree of effort.

Revision best practice

  1. Avoid focusing on areas of a subject you like or are good at, and work on areas where you know improvement is needed. Our Tutors help improve students’ performance by explaining complex topics, plotting where a student needs to practice and guiding them through those challenging areas. What you’re trying to do is to replicate this process as best you can.

  2. Decide on the best method of challenging yourself with mock exams and assessments weigh up the pros and cons.

  3. Consider the level of support and feedback you need.

Support available

  • Check out our Study Tips blogs - plenty of helpful advice available

  • You can access past papers on ACCA Global's website and CIMA Global.

  • Kaplan’s Exam Kit includes plenty of exam style questions and answers for you to test your knowledge and practice. If the Exam Kit is not included as part of your course, you can purchase the hard-copy online and get access to the online material in 24 hours from Kaplan Publishing.

  • ACCA students can enrol on a Revision course, which incorporate question practice and a marked mock exam as you learn how to apply your knowledge to exam questions. We also run Pre Exam Workshops, available in the classroom or via Live Online, which enable you to spend a full day practising exam standard questions under timed conditions, with feedback provided.

  • Our CIMA Objective Test courses come with access to around 500 practice questions per subject and tests that replicate the real exam, whilst Case Study students will complete up to 3 mock exams depending on study method.

  • CIMA Distance Learning students can purchase Exam Practice Plus to gain access to additional questions and exam practice.