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Exam preparation tips

The following is a selection of tips to help you make revision active:

  • The one tip that all Kaplan tutors give is to practice questions. This is more beneficial than re-writing sections of notes, highlighting notes and/or making further notes.
  • Read the article on 'Top tips to approaching study and revision' for further tips around practice questions. Your first mock will be a shock to your system but don’t be put off. The more mocks you do, the more confident you’ll become at recognising question formats.
  • If you are short of time and can’t do a whole mock exam, then plan (but do not answer in full) a few questions. This can increase your exposure to many different types of requirement in a short space of time. Kaplan Publishing also sell Exam practice kits for ACCA and CIMA.
  • Create Mind Maps – visual aids are often easier to remember in the exam hall. Revision Cards and Pocket Notes are our handy visual aids, but you can make your own too. Use colour and shapes to aid memory. Learn how to create amazing mind maps.
  • Use the Kaplan Financial Knowledge Bank to read further around areas that you’ve forgotten from your studies and strengthen your weaker subjects.
  • Attend a Kaplan ACCA revision course – your tutor will guide you on the best way to approach questions and their answers. You’ll also receive personal support and feedback. Listen to the tutor’s advice!
  • If you’re a current Kaplan student, use MyKaplan. This online portal includes practice questions and tutor debrief videos. Note: your resources will vary depending on which Kaplan courses/materials you have purchased.
  • Do question practise. Our AAT Passplus and ACCA Question Based Day courses have question practice built into them. Our ACCA Question Based Days involve a whole day of question practice under exam conditions, with marked scripts and feedback. It is like taking a spoonful of medicine… horrible at the time, but you know it is doing you good and afterwards you feel much better.