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Bring on the intrapreneurs - join our discussion on 27 April


As I write this blog on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Central Park, I reflect on what intrapreneurship means and how large mature corporates can develop and harness intrapreneurial energy to keep the business growing within a constantly changing competitive commercial landscape.

So what is an intrapreneur and how can they help your business?

An intrapreneur is a person or team of people within a large corporation who take direct responsibility for and focus on turning an idea into a profitable new business unit through assertive risk-taking and innovation.

If you are running a large, mature, well established organisation then encouraging intraprenuerial behaviour could be vital to re-igniting growth through innovation.

Your business is large, established, profitable but mature – it’s getting old – bit saggy in places. It may lack the vitality and agility it once had. It feels a bit tired. The results are unexciting. The employees are not complacent but there is a creeping velvet ditch mentality. Processes have grown but as processes do they tend to self-justify. Growth is flat in many areas and in some it is declining. The market landscape is being changed by younger and hungrier competition with new ideas, new technology new energy.

So what can you and your senior leadership team do about it and how can the business be refreshed?

"We need our people to be more entrepreneurial” is often the cry that goes up. BUT do you? Do you really want a mature business to be taken over by hordes of born again entrepreneurial employees? Or do you need to activate the intrapreneurial DNA that probably already exists but needs development?

We will be discussing these questions and how you can encourage and embed intrapreneurial behaviour successfully in your people at an exclusive breakfast event on 27 April in London. Spaces are extremely limited so if you would like to join us please register your interest.

27 April, 8am to 10am, Gaucho Tower Bridge

Relevant for: Senior HR and L&D professionals, CEO’s, Managing Directors, Partners.


Andy Perkins, Global Director of Kaplan Leadership and Professional Development, has been on both sides of the table – client and supplier and has spent the last 10 years working with large global corporations designing and delivering large leadership and management development programmes. You can contact Andy directly at


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