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Bring on the Intrapreneurs

A fire breather

What can your business learn from the street performers jostling for attention in Central Park? The challenges of both are more alike than it first may seem and both may benefit from an injection of intrapreneurship.

It is common for larger businesses to perhaps sink into a comfortable middle age, with acceptable but uninspiring results. This complacency allows agile new companies to undermine and perhaps completely usurp the market position of your business.

However, a decline into mediocrity is not inevitable. By encouraging an intrapreneurial climate within your business, you can reactivate dormant commercial energy and seize new opportunities.

Download the whitepaper which explains:

  • The key values of an intrapreneurial workplace
  • How intrapreneurship differs from traditional entreprenuership
  • The challenges of creating an intrapreneurial culture
  • The benefits of implementing an intrapreneurial culture

Andy Perkins, Global Director of Kaplan Leadership and Professional Development, has been on both sides of the table – client and supplier and has spent the last 10 years working with large global corporations designing and delivering large leadership and management development programmes. You can contact Andy directly at

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