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CIMA prize winners - November 2014

Student on a laptop

It is always an exciting time when we find out from CIMA how many of the students we’ve taught have achieved a prize (1st place in the world) or a commendation (2nd–10th in the world) for their exam result.

The list for the November 2014 sitting was no exception. We had students with first place prizes for an incredible seven papers! These covered all three papers from the Operational level, all three papers from the Management level and E3.

On top of this we also had 36 commendation winners across all the CIMA papers including T4 and Gateway. This was our highest tally of prize winners in one sitting since the May 2010 sitting. It is a great way to mark the end of the CIMA 2010 syllabus.

Fantastic achievement

We also had one student from Kaplan Birmingham / Live Online who won a prize or commendation for each of the six Professional exams that she sat (Operational & Management papers). This is a fantastic achievement for a student.

A huge congratulations to all of the Kaplan students who have achieved a prize or a commendation.