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Further update on CIMA Strategic papers

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CIMA have now completed their review of the P3 and F3 examinations, and we are happy to be able to provide an update on the review. CIMA have released an interim statement which you can view on and CIMA’s Facebook page.

As an examining body CIMA set robust and rigorous exams that are set at an appropriate level for a professional qualification. The review has highlighted that although 7 out of 9 examinations have been set at such a level the P3 and F3 exams were set with a pass mark higher than was necessary to demonstrate competence.

CIMA will not be changing the exam format or style of questions, but has reduced the pass mark for P3 and F3 only. This will be done without compromising the underpinning competencies that the exams were designed to test. This change is already in place for P3 and will come into force from the 3rd June 2015 for F3.

If you are sitting P3 / F3 for the first time

Students planning to sit P3 for the first time should continue as planned as all changes to the pass criteria have been made. Students who have attempted P3 on or later than 21st May 2015 will not have their results reviewed.

For those sitting F3, any exams should be delayed until after the 3rd June 2015 when the changes will be reflected in the live exam.

If you have sat P3 / F3 and were unsuccessful

All previous attempts will be reviewed and CIMA will be applying this new lower pass mark retrospectively. CIMA will be emailing all students individually, who have previously attempted P3 or F3, to confirm the outcome of each candidate’s exam review. Any passes achieved will remain. However there may be some students who, as a result of the lower pass mark, see their fail being uplifted to a pass. The email will be sent on 11th June 2015 and until this time CIMA will have no further information so they request that you do not contact them until you have received the outcome of your review.

We would therefore recommend if you are planning to resit either P3 or F3 you wait until you receive your email.

If you need to reschedule your exam booked at a Kaplan centre

All you need to do to reschedule your exam is contact the centre you have booked your exam with as soon as possible (contact details can be found on your confirmation email or via our website). The centre can then move your bookings to a date that suits you and you will receive the updated confirmation email shortly afterwards. There will be no additional fees for rescheduling these exams on this occasion as long as we are told at least the day before your original exam session. Please do not contact Pearson or attempt to reschedule your booking with us via your MyCIMA account – this needs to be done directly with your Kaplan centre.

Kaplan remains committed to supporting all affected students. To ensure no student is disadvantaged by any of the changes we will extend the access to online material and will honour all Lifetime Pass Guarantees. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck with the remainder of your CIMA studies.

If you have any questions regarding this update, please contact your local Kaplan centre.


Rebecca Evans is Head of CIMA at Kaplan.