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MindMeister – mind maps for learning


The importance of using visually stimulating methods in teaching should not be underrated.

Many of us learn visually and a diagram, flowchart or even different coloured text can help us to understand and remember information. With exams upon us, I’m busy encouraging students to organise their revision and marshall it into useful and memorable forms and the most exciting way I’ve come across recently to do this is an intuitive little tool called MindMeister.

I’ve just taken a huge step and joined the rest of the world by purchasing a tablet and have downloaded the MindMeister app so, on this morning’s tube journey, I was able to create a mind map that takes students through the nature of Public International Law.

The tool isn’t only available as an app, it can be accessed on a web browser. The most effective application though is in marshalling your thoughts – if you can organise your notes in a brilliant, colour-coded map then you must have understood the topic and, being zoom-able, you can map a whole module and then focus on a unit within it when it comes to revising. I find that flow charts work brilliantly in preparing a topic for a problem question so that’s what I’m off to ask my students to do.


Nick Cartwright began lecturing in 2000 and joined Kaplan Holborn College in 2010 where he currently lectures Public International Law, Jurisprudence, English Legal System and Skills and Legal Environment modules as well as supervising post-graduate dissertations. Nick is constantly trying to improve by reflecting on how innovative ideas and technologies can improve education.