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Pearce Mooney -­ Financial Services Team Leader


Pearce is studying a Finance Apprenticeship and works at RSA Group

What did you want to achieve from your Apprenticeship?

I had several goals I wanted to achieve, one of which was to complete a successful transition into the working environment. Having come from college and with little work experience I needed to adapt to a 9:00am–5:00pm working lifestyle which, with the help of Kaplan and my work colleagues, I achieved. Another goal I set before starting the Apprenticeship was to pass my IF1, IF2 exams and also complete my NVQ within the first 12 months. I achieved this goal by utilising the support of Kaplan via revision sessions, online lectures and one-­to-­one tutoring.

Did you know?

The CII is the premier professional organisation in the insurance and financial services industry.

What was the best thing about the Apprenticeship?

I found the best aspect of the Apprenticeship was the feeling of success after passing the IF1 and IF3 exams. Knowing that all the hard work, study and support put into the qualification was successful. Also, the ability to write Cert CII after your name on emails and letters gives you a sense of pride!

Where do you think your Apprenticeship will take you?

As RSA is a multinational company with many different areas to the business the opportunities are limitless. I do believe I have the work ethic and determination to progress. At this moment in time I am focusing on developing my skills and achieving my qualifications, so when the time comes I have the necessary attributes to accomplish my career goals.

How has Kaplan helped you?

Working for a company such as RSA and with the learning provider Kaplan, there are many sources of inspiration. Whether it be an individual work colleague who has progressed through exams successfully, or a tutor from Kaplan who is enthusiastic about learning and teaching for the benefit of others. If you have a desire to progress and be successful using the qualifications that Kaplan provides can equipped you with the necessary skills to do so.

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