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The top 5 things employers look for


What is it that employers look for in candidates for Apprenticeships? We’ve put together a list of the top 5 things that employers look for so that you can get ahead of the game, land that all important job and kick start your career. Being aware of these 5 simple yet basic rules can help you to turn yourself from the ideal interview candidate to the ideal employee.

The first impression

You never have a second chance to make a good first impression! How you chose to present yourself, your body language and the way you engage with employers are all key things that you have to think about at the interview stage.

  1. Presentation: Dressing in an appropriate and professional way –
    • For men - A suit trouser with shirt and tie
    • Women - Smart trousers/skirt with a shirt or blouse
  2. Body language: Eye contact, talking clearly and confidently and posture are also important things to consider.
  3. Engagement: Show your interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the position. Put together a few questions that you would like to ask – employers want to see professionalism from the beginning.

Preparation and research

Preparing for your interview is important and make sure you have researched the company and job role you have applied for. All the information you should need is on the internet and company website. There is nothing more embarrassing than being unprepared. Of course you’re not going to know everything, but the employer wants to see that you have done some homework!

Interview tip:

Do your research about the company. It shows that you care about the position you applied for at that company. Plus, the interviewer may ask you questions about why you want to work there.


Make sure that you fully understand what is expected from you and you are aware of the demands of the job. Apprenticeships involve hard work and dedication. You are working full time and studying independently for a qualification – this is not an easy option! The candidates that understand and embrace this will get the most from the opportunity.

Hard work pays off

As you settle in and start to get to grips with the role, make sure to take every opportunity given to you. Use different challenges and extra work as a way of progressing your knowledge and skill set. Don’t shy away from challenges; ask questions if you don’t understand something. It’s good to show your employer you want to learn.

Show resilience

There will be times that you feel you may not be doing well or feeling negative. However this is only natural. You aren’t going to be good at everything straight away. It is better to show continuous development and resilience than to be negative and giving up. Remember to ask questions if you’re finding some areas difficult… there is no harm in asking for help, you are there to learn and progress.

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