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Best questions to ask at your interview

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Why do interviewers want you to ask questions at the end of your interview? Because it shows that you are taking an active interest in their company and that you are willing to learn more about the job role you have applied for. This is an attractive quality to potential employers and asking the right questions can set you apart from the crowd and get you noticed. Not asking questions, on the other hand, could make you appear lazy, uninterested and unprepared. Not exactly ideal employee qualities! Here we look at some examples of the best questions to ask in an interview and the reasons why they could make the difference for you and your career:

What would my day-to-day responsibilities be?

Find out what a typical day in the role would involve and show an interest for the role. Ask the interviewer if they can describe the area of responsibility, and what their expectations for the job are. This will help to show that you are taking the interview seriously and could reduce the chance of any surprises if you are offered the job.

Interview tip:?

Ask relevant questions - it shows that you're taking an active interest in the company and that you're willing to learn more about the job role you've applied for.

What are the promotion prospects?

This demonstrates to the interviewer that you are looking to understand how the position fits into the company’s long-term plans and whether there is a clearly defined career path should you be chosen for the job. This shows desire and motivation to succeed within the company.

Do you run any training schemes?

This question is a chance to find out whether there would be any chance to further develop and train in new business skills whilst you are working on the job. Showing that your keen to learn and improve yourself can make you a much more desirable candidate in an interview.

What are the company’s plans for the future?

Indicating that you are interested in the business and its future plans is a great way of showing your enthusiasm for the job and implies that you are willing to get involved in the company as a whole rather than just concentrating on yourself. 

How would you describe the ideal candidate?

This is a great opportunity to understand exactly what it is that an employer is looking for in a candidate. If the interviewer mentions anything that you haven’t covered or forgot to talk about earlier, now’s the time!

Making sure you prepare some valid questions could just be the thing that helps you to stand out of the crowd and land your ideal job!