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Employers are always looking for the best possible candidates to join their company, but if everyone’s got the same work experience and qualifications, how can you stand out? Here are some of the best extra-curricular activities and skills to boost your employability:

Volunteering and charity work – Volunteering and charity work shows that you are willing to go out of your way to give something back to the community. They are also good ways to learn valuable life and working skills that look great on your CV and organisers for high profile sporting, musical and charity events are always looking for volunteers. Getting involved can be a great way of showing that you are passionate about a particular cause or interest.

Job hunting tips:

Include extra-curricular activities and relevant hobbies on your CV to demonstrate your personality.

Sports – Playing for a sports team or club can demonstrate motivation and team work skills. It could also suggest to employers that you have a competitive streak which could be seen as a big advantage. Use this to suggest that you will be willing to go the extra mile to provide a high standard of work and that you are constantly striving to succeed in everything that you do.

Languages – Speaking another language is an impressive skill and could go a long way to enhancing your employability. Not everyone is able to master learning another language and candidates who can are often highly sought after. It could also allow you to broaden your horizons and work in another country if the opportunity arose. Companies who are looking to expand internationally would also be interested in a potential employee who could speak the local language.

Music – Learning a musical instrument or playing in a band can demonstrate creativity and ability. It’s also a great way of building confidence through expressing yourself. Standing up in front of a crowd to perform takes a lot of confidence and bravery and could be seen to be transferable to standing up and delivering presentations to work colleagues or conferences. Clear and confident communication is a valuable skill in the working environment and could help you to stand out in an interview situation.

Computer skills – Computer skills are in high demand and any further knowledge you have gained could be considered a valuable asset to possess. Whilst the majority of people today possess basic computer skills, coding and other IT skills would really make you stand out to employers. Whether you’ve developed your skills by yourself as a hobby or undertaken an IT course, this is a sure way of increasing your future career prospects.