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CIMA Complete Courses

CIMA complete courses

From January our CIMA Objective Test courses will be changing. Following extensive student and employer research, the overwhelming feature you said you wanted from our courses was all the resources you need to pass your exam. We’ve listened and created our new complete courses to do just that.

Our complete courses, move away from separate tuition & revision elements to just one course consisting of three study phases, no matter how you choose to study.

  • Knowledge to help you develop the factual building blocks needed to understand the subject.
  • Application to translate the knowledge and build a deeper level of understanding using real world examples and exam standard questions.
  • Exam Preparation to practise what you have learnt in exam standard tests and mock exams, building exam confidence to thoroughly prepare you for the exam.

So what does this actually mean in terms of your courses? Each course will initially focus on building the knowledge you require of each individual syllabus area.  That knowledge is developed and embedded further by considering real life examples and working through case style scenario questions, which also have the added benefit of preparing you for the case study exam at the end of the level.  As you will now get access to all of your study resources on day 1 of the course, you will be introduced to exam standard questions earlier within your course, giving you a better appreciation of how the content you are learning will be examined.

The final day (2 evenings) of every classroom and Live Online course will focus purely on exam preparation.  Your tutor will analyse data on how your class is performing on each of the key syllabus areas, and will use the day to recap over your trickier topics, whilst also honing exam technique and providing top tips to help you be successful in your exam.   With all students now getting four full mock exams, each one mirroring the look and feel of your actual exam, you will have plenty of opportunity to practise and ensure maximum confidence on the day of your real exam.

This new integrated, complete approach has been designed to give you peace of mind, confidence and a great experience; it’s a better way of learning that build around you.

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