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Award winning training provider

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Meet the experts: Peter Nunn - Live Online Tutor

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do at Kaplan and what sort of responsibilities you have?

I work for the Live OnLine division teaching financial and performance management and case study subjects. My main responsibility is to get students through their exams. I am very proud of my pass rates! I also have responsibility for Live OnLine social media output – Twitter and the blog.

What was your background before joining Kaplan?

I have had over 20 years business experience within manufacturing, public and service sectors and have occupied a number of senior roles including Head of Eastern European Strategy for a major US company.

Before joining Kaplan in 2008 I taught at the University of Hertfordshire and for a short time at the American University in Bulgaria.

About the experts:

We wanted to give you an insight into some of the work that goes on behind the scenes, so you can see how everything comes together to make sure that our courses give you the exam confidence you need.
How have you used your previous experience when teaching to help students?

I love telling stories that relate to what we are covering in class. Having worked in industry and commerce for a number of years I’ve either seen it or done it. You will often hear me say in class "I was working for this company once where…"

How do Kaplan help students feel as confident as possible for their exams?

Passing exams is all about Knowledge, Technique and Time. Students need to pay attention to each of these in equal measures. As we progress from tuition to revision and then to the exams the way Kaplan delivers helps with each of these giving students the confidence that they can pass.

How does the work you do impact our students and improve their overall experience of studying with Kaplan?

Obviously I hope my little stories help but I also like to keep myself knowledgeable of current business, political and economic affairs. Making the teaching and subject relevant keeps it interesting. If it’s interesting I think it is easier to learn.

What has been the biggest development or improvement that you’ve seen since joining Kaplan?

It has to be Live Online – What a wonderful way to learn. The classroom in your own workplace or home.