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Kaplan Heritage: An Interview With Apprentice, Sally Fisher

Sally Fisher, Kaplan apprentice

There is no better way to understand an industry, or a company, than through the individuals that represent it.

As part of our Kaplan Heritage celebration, we interviewed a selection of people who have been part of our story over the years: tutors, apprentices, current students, and those who are part of our Accountancy Training alumni.

We asked them about their personal experiences with Kaplan, some of which relate to memories dating as far back as 30 years ago.

In this interview we speak to Sally Fisher who is studying an Accountancy Apprenticeship and works at Whittingham Riddell LLP. She is sharing her learning experience and aspirations.

Can you give a brief introduction to yourself and the qualification you studied at Kaplan?

I studied AAT, levels 3 and 4 through apprenticeship, at the Kaplan Birmingham centre. I am currently working for Whittingham Riddell LLP in Shrewsbury, an accountancy firm. I am hoping to complete the ACCA qualification eventually.

What attracted you towards taking the apprenticeship route into accountancy?

I got an email, whilst at 6th form college, advertising the Kaplan accountancy apprenticeship, offering the chance to study for free.  It was the advert that drew me in. I never really thought about a career in Accountancy until I saw this opportunity, but I’ve never looked back.

What have you most enjoyed about studying with Kaplan?

The Kaplan tutors made the lessons very relatable. I never felt they were patronising in any way. They made the course very interesting and always made me feel like an intelligent person.

What has been the biggest challenge whilst studying?

Level 4 was quite a big step up for me; I found the course pretty challenging at first as it went into a lot of details.

How do you study?

I am on a day release study programme, which means that around once a week I train at Kaplan in  Birmingham. I would do the work set in class and when I got back home I would recap what was said in the lesson. When it came to the weekends, I would look at the revision notes drawn up by Kaplan.

Have your tutors inspired you to succeed in your studies? Are there any specific examples?

The tutors were all quite inspiring. Most were relatively young, which made me think I could possibly do their job in a few years’ time. I really liked that idea. They also had a lot of work and industry experience too, which helped me tremendously, as they drew on real life knowledge.

How has technology been integrated into your learning experience?

Have you found the online resources helpful in your studies?During revision and around exam times, I used the online tests Kaplan provides, and I found them really useful. If you got an answer incorrect they would tell you why you were wrong.

What is your favourite memory of studying at Kaplan?

It’s definitely the people that you meet while you’re at Kaplan:  the tutors and the students. I’ve made a lot of good friends amongst the students and we’d always meet for lunch and drinks. It made studying a bit more fun.

Did the experience of studying with Kaplan fulfil your expectations?

Absolutely. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at first. All I knew is that Kaplan had a good reputation and was a very prestigious place to study. The environment at the Kaplan centre wasn’t too formal but the tutors ensured the job got done at the same time. A great balance.

What are you plans for the next stage of your career?

I am hoping to continue studying and to ultimately get Chartered.