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Listening to our customers - the results of our latest student satisfaction survey

Customer service
Listening to our customers - the results of our latest student satisfaction survey

Twice a year Kaplan runs a large satisfaction survey asking for feedback from students who have studied with us during the previous six months. In January 2017 around 5,700 students across our accountancy, tax and financial qualifications took part in the survey. This article is intended to give you an overview of the survey headlines and our response.

What is Kaplan doing well?

  • Kaplan uses a Net Promoter Score to measure the willingness of our customers to recommend our products and services to others. The scale runs from -100 to +100 and Kaplan's score is +30. Whilst this still leaves room for improvement, it is a good score that benchmarks well with other industries; for example a 2015 report covering 60 UK brands across 10 sectors, placed First Direct as best in the UK with a NPS of +73. Kaplan's score would have placed us 6th1 in the report, slightly ahead of Santander Bank.
  • Students have again told us that the expertise and knowledge of our tutors is the most important feature of studying with Kaplan and this is also one of the areas of highest satisfaction.
  • There remain high levels of satisfaction with customer service teams across Kaplan, including in centre, distance learning and live online.
  • Students have indicated that some of the most important features of our products are resources that can be clearly linked to enabling exam success, for example study notes / workbooks, question banks, exam practice kits etc. These resources are also where we have some of our highest satisfaction scores.

What can Kaplan do better?

  • Mock exams / progress tests and assessments are integral to exam success and as a result our students score these as highly important, however we need to improve the speed and quality of our feedback. In 2016 Kaplan initiated a full review of our processes and approach to marking, with a key objective being to improve the quality of feedback and changes will be implemented throughout 2017.
  • Navigation within 'old' MyKaplan, the speed with which materials opened in 'old' MyKaplan and its compatibility across different software platforms was also a concern to students. Our new look 'MyKaplan' has now been rolled out to all students and has improved navigation, is significantly quicker than the old system and importantly works across a wider range of operating systems. More details can be found here.
  • The speed at which we respond to queries has also been highlighted as an area where we can improve. Kaplan are already planning changes which will both simplify and extend the support available to our students. In 2017 we will be building a new dedicated student services team, providing support across all qualifications and learning channels seven days a week.

The next survey will take place in July 2017 and anyone completing the survey will be entered into a prize draw to win one of four £250 prizes - so please keep an eye out for it in your inbox as your feedback enables us to constantly improve our products and services.

Note 1: Satmetrix® UK Net Promoter Customer Loyalty Benchmark Reports - April 22 2015

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