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Jamie Slack - Audit and Business Service Trainee

Jamie Slack

Jamie is studying an Accountancy Apprenticeship and works at Ashgates Accountants.

Why did you choose an Apprenticeship?

I wanted to gain a recognised qualification without having the debt of going to university. Learning and earning in a professional environment is a huge benefit as not only do I have no debt, but I am gaining experience and skills to add to my CV. This in turn makes me more employable improving my future career prospects.

How do you balance work with studying?

A good study plan is very beneficial as this allows me to plan which days to study, which days to catch up on work and which days I have free. I often study in the evenings after work as a huge amount of what I study consists of what I do in the day, therefore planning ahead and knowing when I am going to revise allows me to always have something to do and keep stress to a minimum.

How has Kaplan helped you?

The tutors are very supportive and ready to help on anything you are stuck with which makes studying so much easier and allows me to feel more confident with my work. Outside of the classroom I can test my knowledge with the excellent online resources that MyKaplan offers, which my tutor can see and provide feedback on what I need to do to improve.

What would be your advice for anyone considering an Apprenticeship?

First of all weigh up your options, see if the career you want to pursue has suitable Apprenticeships available that will benefit you. Some professions you need a degree which you may have to go to university for, however choosing an Apprenticeship is extremely beneficial as the experience that you gain in the workplace while learning will give you the upper hand over university graduates!

What are the top three things about your Kaplan Apprenticeship?

My Apprenticeship is great; it is exactly what I was looking for. I am gaining valuable work experience in a professional environment whilst studying towards a recognised qualification and earning a salary! Not only are those three things important for my future but my colleagues are excellent to work with as they are very helpful and supportive which allows me to reach my potential.

Could an Apprenticeship be right for you?

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