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How vital is Learning and Professional Development this year?

Learning & Professional Development survey

In the context of Brexit, commercial uncertainty and globalisation of the workforce, we collected and analysed a large group of respondents' feedback regarding their L&D budget, current and future challenges and their development priorities.

Kaplan surveyed over 280 UK-based Human Resources (HR) and Leadership & Professional Development (L&D) professionals. The data gave insight as to what role L&D would play within organisations in 2017 and beyond.

"The central skill that underpins and informs professional effectiveness is decision making, and to develop this should be the ultimate aim of any professional development Programme," said Ian Stewart, Global Head of Kaplan's Leadership and Organisational Practice, who provides commentary on the results.

Key findings from the survey:

  • 73% believe that it is important, or very important to measure the return on investment from their learning and development spend;
  • In measuring their ROI on learning and development, line manager assessment is cited 61% of the time, participant feedback 58% of the time and business metrics such as increased sales or savings, 37% of the time;
  • Most respondents said that the top learning and development priorities in 2017 will be: 1) developing the skills of their employees; 2) engaging employees; and 3) retaining employees.

L&D is about triggering development. It is a visceral as well as intellectual process – we need to 'feel' the challenge, as well as 'think' it. However, many businesses find themselves locked in a traditional train and 'upskill' mindset: this is the challenge that our colleagues and clients in L&D face.

Read the results of the survey to find out what the hot topics and priorities for the L&D professional are this year.

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