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Sarah Hawksworth - Audit and Business Service Trainee

Sarah Hawksworth

Sarah is studying an Accountancy Apprenticeship and works at Ashgates Accountants.

Why did you choose an Apprenticeship?

I chose to do an Apprenticeship as it suited my style of learning through doing. I liked the idea of carrying on with my education whilst working in a full time job and beginning to earn some money. I also wanted to get on-the-job training and gain real life experience. Qualifying to AAT Level 4 can enable entry to further study to chartered status, which can be the equivalent of a degree.

How do you balance work with studying?

When I first started I worried about being able to find the right balance between my work and my studies, but I soon got into a system and found it really easy by assigning one night a week to complete my homework. Then when I have exams coming up I get up early at the weekend and do 3-5 hours in the morning, then I still have the afternoon to relax or go out with friends.

How has Kaplan helped you?

It’s been really helpful knowing that my Kaplan adviser is just an email away if I have any queries, whether it’s to do with my work or my studies she replies nearly instantly advising me on what to do. I struggled on a couple of the units in AAT Level 3 but was able to get extra help from my tutor outside of lesson time very easily.

What would be your advice for anyone considering an Apprenticeship?

Definitely do it! It’s a brilliant way to begin your career and you will be a lot more employable having experience as well as qualifications. Plus you aren’t incurring lots of debt from student loans and will start to earn some money.

What are the main benefits about your Kaplan Apprenticeship?

It suits the way I prefer to study and you get the opportunity to work in different departments to see and experience the real workplace, meet new colleagues and gain more knowledge of where your career could progress to.

Could an Apprenticeship be right for you?

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