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Top graduate employers are to “increase their graduate recruitment by a further 4.3% in 2017”. This is according to the annual UK Highfliers graduate report. Clearly, in a post-recession Britain, graduate demand continues to rise.

This highlights a growing need for the big graduate recruiters to adopt best practises when incorporating new talent into their demanding roles.

Engage through on-boarding

The ‘bedding in’ period cannot be underestimated when it comes to getting the most of their initial impact. Given the relative inexperience of graduates, an ignorance of effective on-boarding techniques seems vastly counterproductive.

Yes, the new recruit is talented, driven, has fantastic grades and great enthusiasm, but do they have the experience and business acumen to immediately influence and affect your company’s bottom line?

Companies must show an appreciation and understanding of the graduate position at this stage in their career, so that they can effectively nurture them at this pivotal time. Bridging the gap between ‘undergraduate life’ and ‘working employee’ ensures that their intelligence and enthusiasm is channelled into immediate productivity.

Kaplan Business Challenge

Refining those Business Skills

Kaplan’s Leadership and Professional Development has developed an interactive programme to specifically address this issue, with a business simulation: The Kaplan Business Challenge.


The Challenge provides a training ground for developing the key skills needed to make New Hires highly productive contributors, with an eye towards their next level of growth and achievement.

Acting as the newly appointed board of directors of a struggling company, and in direct competition with each other, teams will develop their strategies, create innovative solutions and implement them as they explore the keys to commercial success.

Learning by doing

When it comes to understanding how to run a business, appreciating the financial consequences of the decisions that you make and using financial data to optimise return, the best way to learn is by doing. The simulation provides a safe learning environment where mistakes are not only permitted but are a powerful part of the learning process.

KBC in action

We successfully ran a series of KBC sessions with the students of The University of Exeter, in conjunction with ACCA.

The sessions were delivered over a 4 day period, and by day two we were starting to see good negotiation skills and commercially inventive deals - very impressive for undergrads. Competition was fierce and everyone wanted to win.

Teams completed a competitive auction, establishing a brand identity and signing up for board positions. The 20 finalists got the opportunity to develop their practical skills and behaviours in a dynamic and engaging way – to a panel of senior decision makers.

Decision making panel

So if you hire graduates, or run graduate schemes, get in touch to see how the Kaplan Business Challenge can help to seamlessly integrate your new talent into the world of work.

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