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Structured learning - Is it right for me?

Classroom lecture

It’s been said that “flexibility is the friend of procrastination”. That’s certainly true when it comes to revising!

Most of us set out with good intentions to study consistently and take our exams regularly. But without timetables and deadlines, putting aside time for studying can prove more problematic than first thought.

If this sounds familiar, structured learning with subject experts could offer a solution. Here are several reasons why structured learning could work for you.

Interested in more study options? Learn about the benefits of flexible learning in this article.

Learning beyond study materials

One of the brilliant things about studying as part of a group is that there are many more opportunities to learn beyond simply what is in the textbook.

The other students in your class will all have different work experience and ways of viewing problems, which can lead to a much richer learning experience and better all-round understanding of your subject.

As questions are raised, you will also be able to get explanations from the tutors that differ from how the topic is presented in the study texts - which should help give you a greater understanding of the topic.

On top of this, any issues with the content can be raised and dealt with as they occur.

Studying in class with Kaplan means attending one of our 21 award-winning training centres, which are located all across the country.

However, if you find it difficult to make into a classroom, these group benefits are still available using Kaplan’s Live Online study method.

Live Online gives you everything you’d expect from the traditional classroom format, with the added benefit of being online.

This way you can join timetabled lectures in real-time and post questions for live tutor feedback. Ultimately, you’ll be able to engage as much, or as little, as you would’ve in class, without missing out on those unexpected class debates.

As an added bonus, the classes are recorded so if you want to revisit a topic, or if you’re not available to join the live session, you can watch it at a later time that suits you.

Kaplan student Vivi Sargioti chose Live Online for her studies:

“This study method really suits my lifestyle and work schedule: I like to study from home and make my own arrangements rather than having to commute all the time. The online lectures are good because they’re recorded, so I can listen back to them”.

Taking the planning out of the equation

The beauty of a structured approach to learning is the framework that goes along with it. You don’t have to worry about being able to plan your own study schedule or rely on self motivation - you just have to follow the plan and do the work as instructed by our subject specialist tutors. After all, the learning experience has been especially optimised for your success.

An interesting variation on structured learning is Kaplan’s OnDemand study method. This is an online course with resources specifically designed for online learning. However, you are still given the structure of a tutor led course, with guidance from a tutor so you’ll know exactly what you need to complete and when.

Here is Kaplan OnDemand student Karly Robinson talking about the benefits of this innovative study method:

"You definitely need some kind of motivation to stop you thinking on a Monday “Oh I’ll do this tomorrow”, and before you know it you’ve lost a week."

You get your schedule so you know what you should be doing each week, you know if you’re on target and you know how to pace yourself. All that would be hard if you just had a book.”

Dedicated learning environment

More flexible study options may seem alluring, but there can be a lot of distractions involved. Trying to study on your own accord when there’s children running around, washing piling up and dinner to be made can certainly prove challenging.

Even trying to motivate yourself when you get home from work can be a big enough hurdle in itself. When you follow a timetabled course, you have to actually carve out that time which can be a great way of making sure that other commitments don’t get in the way of your learning.

Familiar format

From a young age and throughout school you will have been used to structured teaching methods in a classroom.

It’s a format we’re all familiar with, and that familiarity can be a real benefit. Expectations for attendance and preparation are made clear from the start and you’ll receive face-to-face teaching on a weekday, weekend or evening.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to study for your exams - what matters is if it is right for you. Kaplan offers 4 unique ways to study, each with different benefits, depending on your needs and situation.