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How OnDemand enabled this CIMA student to fast track through CIMA

Jack Conlan, Kaplan CIMA OnDemand student

Kaplan's OnDemand courses give you the best of both worlds, combining the structure of a tutor-led course with the flexibility to study at your own pace. Jack Conlan, a Kaplan CIMA student, was able to pass 8 exams in under a year with OnDemand.

Watch our interview with Jack or read below to find out more about his experience.

Hi Jack, could you tell us what made you choose OnDemand for your recent CIMA course?

Well, I wanted to work through my CIMA exams as quickly as possible and didn't want to wait around for the pre-determined dates of on-site taught courses.

How did you study with us previously and how does OnDemand compare?

When I start CIMA I was coming into my local Kaplan centre in Liverpool for classroom courses. But I found that they would often dictate how long you will be studying CIMA for, the order in which you would sit exams, and the structure of your study day(s). Since I’ve started using OnDemand I’m able to revise at my own speed and cover the full syllabus of each exam.

What has been your favourite feature of the OnDemand course?

My favourite feature is the volume of mock exams and test questions and also the ability to pause and replay the videos for parts of the syllabus that I struggle with.

OnDemand comes with resources that have been designed specifically for online learning. How did you find them?

I found that the OnDemand course came with everything that you need to prepare for an exam and it fits perfectly to my way of studying.

Did you make use of the tutor support available, and were you satisfied with the response times and knowledge of the academic support team?

No, I personally haven't needed to yet but it is good to know that it's there if I ever did.

What are your plans for your future studies, and will you be continuing with OnDemand?

Absolutely, I have already ordered OnDemand courses for my final exams as they allow the flexibility to work at your own pace.

Finally, would you recommend it to other students?

I think the OnDemand courses are great and have allowed me to excel in my CIMA studies at a rate that would not be possible using other methods. I have passed 8 exams in under a year using OnDemand and I am now fully qualified. I have recommended to a colleague of mine who was struggling with exams and since using OnDemand has had a much improved exam pass rate.

Thanks Jack, and good luck with the rest of your CIMA studies!