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Kaplan partners with CABA to offer student well-being support

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Kaplan understand the balance between studying, working and finding enough space to unwind is complicated. Sometimes the pressure is exhilarating and drives you to perform your best. And at other times everything is just exhausting and overwhelming. The good news is that through Kaplan’s new partnership with CABA you’ll have support you can lean on when things gets tough - personally or professionally.

Together we’re holding free local events exclusively for Kaplan accountancy students over the next few months. You’ll learn how to build your resilience, deal better with stress, boost your personal effectiveness and improve work-life integration.

In addition, you can access CABA’s practical online wellbeing tools and training 24 hours’ a day at for advice and tips to help you navigate your way through your day to day challenges.

Getting help

ACA students can also access individual services from CABA.

  • Emotional support with trained counsellors on the phone, face to face or online
  • Telephone life coaching
  • Health and carer support
  • Legal advice
  • Debt advice
  • Benefits advice
  • Career and retirement courses

Watch this short video to find out more about CABA and how they can help you.

For help and advice: