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Changes to Apprenticeships in 2017 in England

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In 2017, we saw a continued move away from Apprenticeship “Frameworks” to “Standards” in England with over 100 new Apprenticeships released across multiple job roles.

Since May 2017,  we are only using new Standards and have focussed on Accountancy and Tax, Leadership and Management and wider Financial Services roles.

The new standards offer a fantastic opportunity for apprentices to demonstrate professionalism,  and achieve technical competence through a professional qualification. Each apprenticeship standard has been designed by the relevant industry and focuses on the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for the job role.

The old Frameworks are due to be closed down by 2020.

Why hire an apprentice?

  • You can grow your team while keeping costs down
  • You can develop and mould them to meet your needs
  • They’ll add new skills and energy into your team
  • You’ll provide the opportunity to start a great career

Apprenticeship Levy

The introduction of the Apprenticeship levy in April 2017 saw a big change in how apprenticeships are funded, with large organisations now effectively paying for the system overall.

Alongside the Levy, from April 2017, apprentices who are under 25  become exempt from employer N.I. charges.

Many employers have taken the opportunity to hire new recruits and develop a diverse talent pipeline. Other employer have utilised the funding within areas of the business that have previously lacked training, such as management/entry level roles, or used the levy as alternative funding for mandatory professional qualifications.

Funding Eligibility

The wider offering of Apprenticeship standards has provided an opportunity for people to do an Apprenticeship at any stage of their career, from entry level through to senior roles.

Apprenticeships have been designed to improve social mobility and standards and are now available from Level 2 to Level 7, which is the equivalent of a Masters degree*, and therefore provides development for most employees.

Since April 2017, people with existing degrees in other subjects are now able to participate in the apprenticeship programmes.

Greater Choice

The number of Apprenticeships standards available is very broad (200+) and there are still another 300 in development, providing considerable training options for organisations to spend the levy pot.

2018 and beyond

April 2018 - plans to include the ability for large employers to pass up to 10% of their unspent levy to other employers

August 2018 - next phase of the Levy Account system allowing employer to delegate functionality to ‘trusted providers’

April 2019 - Small employers to start using the levy system

England only - differences occur across the UK
*You will not receive a Masters qualification on completion

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