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Simply The Best: Interview With Accountancy Training's Finest

Andrew Mower winning PQ Tutor of the Year

Kaplan provide the very best in accountancy tuition. Our tutors have extensive industry backgrounds, which is matched by their dedication and passion for student success. 

Andrew Mower is a prime example. With a background in Forensic Services, he worked at PWC before embarking on a teaching career. After studying with Kaplan himself at our Leeds centre, it was his passionate and enthusiastic tutors that inspired him to pursue a career in teaching. The rest is history.

Describe a day in your life, as an award winning tutor?

When I’m teaching, I arrive into the centre around half an hour before class starts to set up the computer with the notes for the day. Some days I will teach a full day, then have an evening class straight afterwards - they’re the tiring ones!

If it’s just a day class, I will usually leave the centre around 4.45 - 5pm, which is very pleasant compared to a lot of accounting practices.

If I’m not teaching, I will usually be preparing classes at home. For the Case Study courses, there is a lot of time required as each case is different.

Why did you choose to become a tutor?

I studied with Kaplan when I was a student in Leeds, and really enjoyed my time there. I had very inspirational tutors who were so enthusiastic and passionate, they made it seem a fun and rewarding job. Fortunately, I have found it to be the same.

                                                                And what did you do before?

Andrew Mower Pic - formattedI worked in the Forensic Services department at PwC in Leeds, which involved looking into corporate fraud, commercial disputes and anti-bribery policies. The people at PwC were fantastic - I still have a lot of very close friends from my time there, including my wife!  

How do you break down complex subjects into digestible information?

I tend to think ‘How would I approach this topic if I were a student?’. If I fully understand it, then I can explain it in a few different ways. Not everyone’s mind works in the same way, so I try to cover topics from a few different angles.

I also try to bring in real-life examples wherever possible. If I see something in the news that relates to a subject I teach, I will bring up BBC News in my next class and have a chat about it. I find this helps make the subjects more relatable and interesting to students.

There’s a lot of praise for your ‘Kahoot’ quizzes. What are they?

I’m a huge fan of Kahoot! It’s a website that allows students to play interactive quizzes in class. Their phones become a control pad, and I will then put questions relating to the subject on the screen.

There is a class leaderboard, so it can get quite competitive amongst the students which is great.

I find it helps them to remember topics, whilst also breaking up the day with a fun quiz.

You’ve taught many ACCA and CIMA prizewinners – what’s the secret of their success?

Most of the students I’ve taught who have won prizes have been interactive in class, and keep practising questions ahead of the exam.

If students do a lot of question practice, and concentrate on their exam technique, they should perform well.

What advice would you give to students who are falling behind?

Kaplan have some amazing resources available for students - I would suggest making the most of them. The OnDemand videos on MyKaplan are brilliant, and students can access recordings of lectures if they’ve missed anything.

There is now also Kaplan's Academic Support service, where students can contact dedicated support team with a technical query and usually get an answer within hours. This is a fantastic new resource for students.

 I love classes where they get involved, and we have a discussion about topics rather than me just teaching at them.  
What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Seeing students progress through their qualifications - I enjoy teaching the same students again, having taught them for an earlier paper.

Students enjoying classes is always nice as well. I love classes where they get involved, and we have a discussion about topics rather than me just teaching at them. Some students make lovely comments at the end of their courses.

And finally, outside of the classroom how do you unwind?

I have a 4 month old daughter, so when I’m not in the classroom she occupies most of my time! She’s great fun, despite having a huge dislike for sleep.

I’m a massive football fan, and have a season ticket at Luton Town - who are currently flying high (relatively speaking).

I also play football every week, and enjoy going to the gym and running. I find running a great way to relax.

Kaplan combines 70 years of educational excellence with leading online learning technologies, award-winning study materials, and support from the industry’s most experienced tutors - who are dedicated to ensuring your success.