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Award winning training provider

Award winning training provider

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The most effective, and inclusive, way to study ICAEW

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We listened, we changed.

Following feedback from our clients and students, we’ve redeveloped and enhanced our Knowledge phase of ICAEW courses to create the most effective and inclusive way to study.

From 2019, each of our Professional Level Knowledge phases will comprise both classroom and personalised days.

Starting with classroom days, the course will focus on new concepts where face to face learning can add most value. Innovative, adaptive online learning and testing after each day will direct students to content most relevant to them.

Did you know?

Kaplan students benefit from Academic Support by live chat, email and request a callback 7 days a week.

This is followed by personalised days, which enable students to learn new content alongside testing and building on their existing knowledge. These personalised days contain market-leading “born digital” content that comprises a series of structured, tutor-led digital modules. With a clean and simple interface, they allow students to explore relevant content at their own pace. They can then focus on areas they need to work on and use their time more efficiently.

The following principles have guided the design of our new approach:

  • The right topics studied in the right environment
  • Adaptive learning
  • Interactive, engaging content
  • Responsive, Expert Support
  • Diagnostic Client Reporting
  • Flexible Course Design

These developments will ensure Kaplan continue to achieve market-leading success for trainees and clients. Continue reading to find out more about each concept, or check our timetables in the coming weeks to see the new courses.

The right topics studied in the right environment

Our Subject Matter Experts have used learning science to carefully select the topics that will be delivered on both classroom and personalised days in order to maximise learning efficiency.

Adaptive learning

Digital adaptive learning tests have been weaved into the fabric of the entire course structure, allowing students to test and consolidate their understanding of topics. They will then be directed towards extra supporting content if needed, or can move through topics more quickly if they’re well understood.

Interactive, engaging content

Our Personalised content is ‘born digital’ - designed specifically for remote learning.

Each video is illustrated with key concepts and diagrams to aid understanding. Bite-sized clips help learners understand complex ideas faster, and keep them engaged.  Go at your own pace or spend more time on difficult areas.

Responsive, expert support

Students can contact our expert Academic Support team via LiveChat for an instant response, or request support through email or request a call back. This is available 7 days a week (8am-9pm Monday-Thursday; 8am-5:30pm Friday, 9am-1pm Sat-Sun).

Diagnostic Client Reporting

We’ll be reporting back student progress at regular intervals as the course progresses. The online consumption of content means we can provide improved visibility on student progress and performance, enabling the delivery of timely student interventions if appropriate.

Flexible Course Design

After consultation with clients we’ve decided to position the Personalised days at the end of the Knowledge phase.  This allows our clients to have the flexibility to move the Personalised days around to suit work demands, provided they have been completed by the time the Application Phase commences.

We believe that these innovations in course design will lead to a more personalised experience for our students, thus affording greater student inclusivity regardless of background.

Kaplan’s ACA Pass Rates v ICAEW’s average rate

As the UK’s largest ACA training provider, we are very proud of the pass rates achieved by our students. And those studying the current Knowledge online route achieved on average a 3% higher pass rate than their classroom equivalents – furthering our belief that a redesigned Knowledge phase will not only enhance the student experience, but also improve student outcomes.

2017 Exam Results

Subject Kaplan Pass Rate ICAEW Pass Rate Variance
Professional Level
FAR (INT) 89.2% 80.5% +8.7%
FAR (UK) 80.3% 79.8% +0.5%
AA 89.0% 82.8% +6.2%
TC 84.0% 80.9% +3.1%
FM 87.2% 82.1% +5.1%
BST 95.2% 90.6% +4.6%
BPT 82.2% 79.7% +2.5%
BPI 78.6% 78.2% +0.4%
BPB 82.9% 74.6% +8.3%
Advanced Level
CR 91.4% 85.8% +5.6%
SBM 91.9% 84.4% +7.5%
ACS 86.6% 84.1% +2.5%

(For some subjects, Kaplan’s market share is such that there is little scope for variation from the ICAEW’s pass rate e.g. for the BPI paper in 2017, 95% of students sitting the paper for the first time studied with Kaplan.)