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10 ways we’re improving exam marking


Over the past year, we’ve listened to feedback from students and clients about the quality and speed of our marking. We recognise it wasn’t up to the high standards we set out to deliver.

So we’ve been working hard on a number of improvements to increase both our marking process, speed and quality. And whilst we know we still have some way to go to meet those high standards, we hope you and your trainees will be able to see a marked difference.

Here’s a summary of the improvements we’ve made so far.

1. We’re increasing the number of markers including more of our tutors taking on marking responsibilities, when it fits around their teaching.

2. We’ve limited the number of scripts a marker can be assigned, so they can focus on improving the quality of what they mark to ensure they meet deadlines.

3. We've increased the rates we pay our markers, so they are fairly remunerated for the time we expect them to spend marking scripts, to the quality level you expect.

4. Most mocks are now completed online, so we’ve removed the time taken to post to / from the marker’s address. This also means scripts cannot be lost, although it has created new challenges using ICAEW software and uploading exams.

5. Improved guidance for students on using ICAEW software (for mocks), and on how to upload the scripts onto MyKaplan. If followed, these ensure students cannot lose all their attempted scripts and they should be able to submit the correct file to the correct place in MyKaplan. This maximises the chances of students getting their scripts marked on time.

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Kaplan is the UK's largest accountancy training provider - 50,000 students studied with us in 2017

6. Markers return the scripts themselves when complete, again reducing the admin and waiting time for students.

7. All new markers go through a new improved QA process, with set guidelines issued by us and the exam boards, and monitoring of complaints made against the marker.

8. We can now see if  markers haven’t started marking scripts and are at risk of missing the deadline, so we can actively chase them and reduce the risk of delays.

9. All our teams have got extensive detail on how to support students, offering advice on how to submit if the student is having technical issues. We also have extra staff in on Saturdays when weekend QBD’s are running to provide extra support if there are last minute emergencies.

10. We now give automatic extensions to classroom ICAEW students if they miss a progress test exam day, with marking returned within the same service levels as if they had sat on the original date. That way they have an extra chance to submit and keep on track with their peers.

Hopefully this shows our determination to improve the quality of our marking - in our drive for further student success. Please continue to give us your feedback so we can make further changes to improve your experience with us. Contact us to let us know what you think.