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Award winning training provider

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The perfect balance – AAT student story


Joel Fraser is 26 and lives in Perth - whilst working for a small firm, run by his mother. After much consideration, he decided to combine full time work with further study. It appears to have paid off.

I decided to study AAT after 3 years studying Physics. After the course, I was caught between wanting to either carry on with education or get a job. I wasn’t sure which path to take.

Luckily, my mother invited me to work for her, as she knew I liked numbers. So that was the job sorted. But whilst I was there, I started to study AAT. I quickly found this was perfect as I could balance both really well.

Kaplan was one of the first course providers I came across, and I could tell they were what I was looking for. The Glasgow centre was a great location, as I had been living there for 3 years.

They offered day release courses, which was ideal for myself and our company. We had a meeting with one of the tutors, who was very helpful and explained the benefits of doing day release or evening courses over studying at University.

Did you know?

Kaplan has training centres in 24 regions across the UK.  

Prepared for success

For me, the easiest way to study was spending time after class making sure you understood everything. Simultaneously, working with my mum was great as she’d let me take study leave if I needed to. But this rarely happened. I kept on top of my course, and booked my exams as soon as I could. It hardly affected my social life at all.

I enjoyed studying AAT. My tutor was fantastic, always contactable and happy to help - something you might not get at university. The exams are computer based, which suited me as my handwriting is terrible. The course materials were all easy to understand and gave you plenty of information and mock tests for revision.

Confidence boosting

I’m currently applying to study at ICAS this September. AAT helped me give confidence in applying to this, and also gives me some exemptions for the ICAS course.

I would 100% recommend studying AAT to anyone considering it. I found that the course is accessible to almost anyone, as long as you’re willing to put the work in. Studying at Kaplan gives you a great support network too, so if you’re struggling someone will always help.

Kaplan is the UK’s largest AAT training provider - over 7,500 students study with us ever year. For more information on our AAT courses visit our site.