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Opening doors – AAT student story


Charlotte Woodworth is a great example of an AAT student who discovered the perfect way to study. After gaining her qualification her career has gone from strength to strength.

Discover for yourself

Before I started, people also told me all sort of things that proved to be untrue, for me. “The books are expensive” It’s difficult”, “Classroom learning is what you need” were the things being said. So I followed their advice and booked myself into classroom learning.

However, the advice did not reflect my experience. For me, I found fitting study time around home and work life was restrictive. After a long working day, sitting in a classroom for 4 hours was hard work. I felt like I was being rushed and taught only what I needed to pass exams.

It was only when I decided to buy a Kaplan text book that I realised I'd been missing out on a much better, fuller, learning experience. With this, Kaplan provide context for work that's in the syllabus – you get the whole picture (the WHY as well as the HOW). The scenarios and questions really make you think and apply your knowledge.

AAT is useful if you're not 100% sure what area of Accountancy you want to specialise in.

I'm looking forward to studying with the "On Demand" study method later this year. Whilst it's pricier than classroom learning, I think I'll reap the rewards. I’ll get access to all the resources and be able to study at my own pace.

A talent for numbers

I studied the AAT qualification when I worked in retail banking. The more I learnt about teaching customers to manage their money, the more I realised how good I was with figures.

It became clear that Accountancy would be the perfect profession for me. I even help my friends and family budget now, and work out ways for them to save  - my nickname is "Spreadsheet Charlotte".

Kaplan provide a context for the work – you get the WHY as well as the HOW. 

Beating the challenge

I've had a few obstacles to overcome, whilst studying. Some have been in my personal life, but my main challenge has been managing time. I work a full day and two evenings a week I be at a local college, whilst also trying to revise in my spare time.

I'm hoping the flexibility of OnDemand will alleviate that.  So far it’s been a bit of a balancing act, but I've managed it!

A door opener

Studying AAT has given me a "foot in the door" and kick started my Accountancy career. I had to take on minimum wage work at a Bookkeeper's for a while, but once I'd taken the course I had recruiters use it as a bargaining tool for employers.

Ultimately it got me into my current role as an Accounts Assistant. The pay rise alone made it worthwhile.

AAT has kick started my Accountancy career.  

Advice for those considering AAT

Go for it.  It's a great qualification, with real life applications, and it's still respected in the field. It's particularly useful if you're not 100% sure what aspect of Accountancy you want to specialise in, as it gives you a solid foundation across the board.

If you can team it up with some work experience, even better - that's a winning combination!

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