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Learning through Gamification


Over recent years, our study methods show a growing recognition of learners’ desire for flexible learning. The success of this proves that ongoing  innovation in learning technology helps deliver the best educational experience.

During last October’s webinar, Stuart Pedley-Smith, Head of Learning at Kaplan UK and Alan Hiddleston, D2L Enterprise Account Executive, discussed our transformation of the online learning environment using gamification.

Gamification has evidently boosted our learner experience. Through it we can observe how students ‘play’ the game, and use that information to nurture useful characteristics such as diligence, determination and drive.

This sophisticated and optimised approach shows just how far things have evolved. But it’s happened in stages: from early days of online course material, to today where learners are digitally savvy. Our platform has had keep up with demands of today’s employees.

Gamification for learner engagement

By tapping into models familiar to digitally savvy learners, our platform delivers enhanced learning experiences for higher levels of engagement and success.  Our gamification model provides a range of tools and techniques that helps them progress through their study programme.

Stuart explains that we wanted our learning to be more ‘evidence-based’ and ‘personalised’. We began applying gamification by improving learning outcomes and through rewarding positive behaviour. It recognised actions that led to progress.

“In the exam world, league tables are seen as a bit of a hero and villain thing - where the academically bright sit at the top and the academically not so bright sit at the bottom,” explains Stuart. “We wanted to explore the league table by rewarding behaviours that would in principle lead to better learning and then to better results.”

A unique method

This approach fuses aspects of technology-enabled learning, game-design principles, and behavioural insight to reveal how learners approach study and their character traits. An innovative blend of artificial intelligence, human impulse, and fun.

Stuart is now turning his attention to the small changes that make a difference to learner outcomes, including how tweaks to student communications can maximise their efficacy. This could involve looking at the time of day emails are sent out, the length of the email, and the wording that’s used.

Predictive analytics and monitoring enable administrators to build a detailed picture of the online learner and keep them on track.

To find out more about gamification and how we’re using it to help evolve our learner experience, access the webinar recording.