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Apps Prog2 level 7

Completing your AAT Level 4 Apprenticeship is a great milestone in your career.

You can now use MAAT1 after your name, and are in a position to progress further - with the new knowledge and skills you have.

However, have you considered furthering your studies all the way to full Chartered Accountancy status?

With ICAEW, ACCA or CIMA, you can study for these qualifications through a Level 7 Apprenticeship, meaning you’ll receive additional support and time for training.

Here are some of the benefits that opting to complete a Level 7 Apprenticeship could bring you:

  • Achieve full Chartered Status and a Masters Level Qualification

    Now you have a professional designation after completing AAT, you could go one step further. You could achieve full Chartered Accountancy status.

    This equates to a Masters level qualification2 for ICAEW, ACCA or CIMA. With it, you’d be joining an internationally recognised body, which brings considerable benefits for your status and career.

  • Invest in your development

    When you study via the Level 7 Apprenticeship, together with the completion of your qualification, you’ll also develop essential skills and behaviours.

    Networking, business acumen and problem solving are some of the key-workplace competencies which are developed. They not only improve job satisfaction but ultimately increase your value in the workplace.

  • Support whilst you study

    If you study via an Apprenticeship, you’ll be given additional support to complete your qualification. Apprentices have 20% of their working time protected for training and development. Some of this could be achieved through studying for your qualification3.
  • Boost earnings potential

    A recent Accountancy Age survey4 revealed that qualified Accountants averagely earned £64,220 whereas those without a formal qualification averagely earned £45,974.

    Whilst overall earnings vary according to level, location and experience, achieving Chartered status will impact your salary.

  • Use your skills all over the world

    In addition to boosting your salary potential, Chartered Accountancy gives you the opportunity to use your qualification all over the world.

    The qualification itself, and the skills developed when completing your Apprenticeship, are extremely transferable and in high demand everywhere.

So let the world be your oyster. Start thinking about the next level of your studies now.

For expert advice and guidance on Level 7 Accountancy Apprenticeships, please contact Kaplan on

1.You will still be subject to fulfilling the AAT’s requirements for membership, including achieving relevant work experience as per AAT’s Membership Policy

2.Please note you do not receive a Masters Degree - this is an equivalent qualification

3.It is your employer’s discretion as to how the 20% training time is used

4.Accountancy Age Salary Survey 2018