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Are you prepared? CIMA 2019 Professional Qualification Updates

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Listen to Kaplan and CIMA’s joint webinar on the new updates to the CIMA qualification, rolling out later this year.

The new CIMA syllabus updates are largely designed to prepare accountants for the digital world. According to CIMA’s VP of examinations ‘They’ll help drive real world job performance, and will focus on key competencies at the least risk of automation’.

But do you know what the changes are?

This easy to digest presentation breaks down the changes, and gives a summary of their impact.

It also features an extensive Q&A, giving listeners advice on what to do before the November launch date.

Register now to listen to the recording, or see below for an overview of what was covered.

Round up of the webinar agenda:

  1. Info on the Professional Qualification update
  2. Key dates
  3. Transition Guidance
  4. Questions

Info on the Professional Qualification update

This section explains the ‘what’ as well as the ‘why’.

Not only do we explain what is changing and why, but also what is staying the same, with a full breakdown of the professional qualification.

The good news is, it’s designed to make you more employable and your skills relevant to today’s job market.

Key Dates

Here we outline all the upcoming key dates for the roll out, and what implications it’ll have on course content, case studies, and exams. The main message is to keep studying.

Transition Guidance

Guidance and tips are offered on how to make the smoothest transition in light of the changes. It details the best way to plan your studies, regardless of which level you are at.

Info is also provided on the range of support resources available, which offer further detail on the changes.


There is an extensive Q&A at the end of the talk.

Register below for access to the full recording.

The webinar was delivered by Steve Flatman, VP Examinations (Management Accounting) at CIMA and Rebecca Evans, Head of Product Management at Kaplan Financial.