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Award winning training provider

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It’s a fact, Question Based Days help you pass

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Question Based Days (QBDs) get you exam ready. The questions are exam standard and aren’t found anywhere else in Kaplan’s study materials.

It’s the perfect prep for your last few days of revision, as they highlight final areas of weakness to focus on - giving you the best chance of success.

Students notice the benefit of seeing a complete course from start to finish - learning the concepts in tuition, exam technique in revision and then applying their knowledge in QBDs
- Andrew Mower, Kaplan ACCA Tutor


If you need further convincing, here are the main benefits of QBDs:

  • Personalised feedback

    Tuition/revision sessions feed back on general weaknesses reported by the ACCA examining team, whereas QBDs focus on the specific weaknesses of your class.

    The tutor will review your attempts and work closely with our team of experienced markers. This allows for the most direct and meaningful type of feedback, and it’s very immediate.

    It's received there and then (for classroom), and within a few days of submitting your attempt for (Live Online).

  • Helpful timing (for exam)

    Revision mocks and practice questions are very helpful, but you can do these early in your studies. With QBDs you sit the questions just before the real exam, so this gives you a realistic insight into how you might do on the day.

    This can be a great confidence boost going into the real thing, and gives you an idea of priority areas of study to focus on in the remaining days leading up to the exam.

Did you know?

In 2018, those who took the Complete Course (Tuition, Revisions and QBDs) had a 21% higher pass rate than those who took Tuition and Revision, and a 32% higher pass rate than just Tuition.* 

  • Brand new questions

    The QBD courses contain more than 120 marks worth of brand new questions.

    They cover all the examinable areas but also often include some of the less common areas that you may have forgotten about.

  • Format is the same as the real exam

    You will be encouraged to complete your answers using software/formats identical to the exam (for CBE, or paper based). This is vital practice as you familiarise yourself with the layout and style, making the real thing a more efficient process.

    You complete these questions to time and in exam conditions, which is great practice. Particularly good for those who may desire discipline - which can be absent when practising alone. 

A unique advantage

Taking place a week or two prior to the real exam, Question Based Days (QBDs) put everything you have learned into practice, and within an exam environment.

There are not many providers who offer this benefit, and it’s the nearest thing you will experience to real exam pressure. It’s so much more than a mock exam. 

Our analysis shows that students who complete the question based day tend to be more focused and achieve higher results in the final exam than those who don’t. QBDs give you the edge.

To take advantage of our Question Based Days, which run in all of our ACCA classroom locations and via Live Online, visit our site today.

*Figures based on an average taken from 2018 June sitting for F8 and P4 papers.