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Award winning training provider

Award winning training provider

Excellent pass rates

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Start your ACCA journey with OnDemand

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ACCA’s Applied Knowledge level is available for the OnDemand platform*, ensuring we have the best study options for ACCA starters.

Flexible bite-sized learning

Gone are the days when you’d go to a library to find out how to do something. We rely so much on Google and YouTube for support. It’s no secret our culture is video-centric as we’re used to consuming info in short chunks.

Did you know?

OnDemand has produced some of our highest pass rates for both CIMA and AAT qualifications, with enrolment figures increasing every month.

This is why we believe OnDemand, our award-winning** and interactive course, is the future of flexible learning. With resources designed for online study, it offers consumable bursts of information – within an optimised learning system.

It gives you the best of both worlds: combining the structure of a tutor-led course, with the flexibility to study anytime and anywhere.

With OnDemand you can learn the fundamentals of Applied Knowledge in any location: on a train, in a library, or even on a beach. The bite-sized study modules come in a range of formats: tutor led videos, interactive texts, and short quizzes. In addition, you’ll have the usual high quality content of a Kaplan course, such as: mocks, ACCA approved study texts, and pocket notes for revision.

Thanks for making the topic interesting and understandable. I had a difficult choice: go to University or use Kaplan study materials. I’m glad I chose Kaplan

Rohit Jung Thapa (took OnDemand for P2)

You’re in control

You have the freedom to learn at a rate and method that suits you. Also, you’ll be guided through all the resources, so you know exactly what you need to complete and in what order.

Once you’ve mastered the basic knowledge, for instance, the course provides detailed application modules on each key syllabus. This shows you how it applies to exam questions, preparing you for success..

The unique benefits of OnDemand.

  • Structured programme with flexible start times
  • Regular feedback to keep you on track
  • Hundreds of practice questions
  • Online resources and focused modules with tutor-led, bite-sized videos
  • A new and multi-award winning study method
  • Application modules: helping you to apply knowledge to exam questions
  • Knowledge checks
  • Unrivalled tutor support, similar to classroom (7 days a week, with live chat)
  • 6 months from selected start month.

Start your Accountancy journey

Applied Knowledge is the entry point for those wanting to become ACCA qualified. It’s the most accessible level: if you have the equivalent of 2 A Levels and 3 GCSE’s, you can start ACCA Applied Knowledge.

Once ACCA qualified, students earn an average of £28,000-£40,000***. Starting with Applied Knowledge gives you a strong foundation for a successful career in Accountancy.

And now available OnDemand, you can study on your terms, wherever you want. The study platform provides video content on all major subject areas for the module, and will continue to update with more.

Try a free trial of ACCA OnDemand platform today, and start your route to qualification instantly.****

*This is relevant to exams from September 2019 onwards.
**Awards won - PQ Online College of the Year 2018, AAT Awards Best Use of E-Learning 2018.
***According to
****The demo simply illustrates the OnDemand format. It is not representative of the Applied Knowledge module content.