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Changes to the Apprenticeship funding system, in England


The Government has announced that from the 1st January 2020 there will be changes to the way smaller employers can organise and pay for Apprenticeships.

Employers with a pay bill of less than £3m per year will now be able to use the online Apprenticeship Service (sometimes called the ‘DAS’ or ‘TAS’ system) to organise and pay for their Apprenticeships.

This system gives employers access to a whole range of Digital services and will allow all employers to:

  • Select a training provider (such as Kaplan)
  • Advertise an Apprenticeship vacancy
  • Reserve funding for Apprenticeship training (up to 95% of the costs)

You’ll need to set up an account on the online Apprenticeship Service and to do this will need to have a Government gateway ID or an Accounts Office ID.

These are special passwords that HMRC issues when you register your business for online services.

If you’d like support in setting up your account, or would like any further info, please call the National Apprenticeship Service helpline 08000 150 600 or speak to your Kaplan contact.