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Award winning training provider

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How ACCA OnDemand can work for you

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OnDemand is our most flexible study method because you choose how you want to learn. We’ve talked about what you get with OnDemand before, but now we want to tell you how it can benefit you, and why it can help with exam success.

A tutor, with you at home

We've designed OnDemand to be like having a tutor in your room. It allows trusted expert tutors to teach you in the comfort of your own home. 

Video has been shown to help with the retention of knowledge, and we make sure we create video in small chunks, so it's easy for you to digest the material and apply it going forwards. 

With it we’ve created different types of video - some include tutors onscreen and others have a tutor who annotates and works through a calculation with you to ensure you really know how to do it. We make sure video is used appropriately in the design of our products to best help you. 

Workbooks and video work hand in hand

OnDemand is designed hand in hand with the Integrated Workbook. As you work through your modules, we will signpost to you where you are in the workbook, so that you can use them side by side. 

You'll find the exercises in the workbook and online modules complement, support and extend each other. We understand that there is no right method of learning and students really require a mixture and range to appeal to their learning style and keep them engaged through the process. 

Practice makes perfect

We’ve a range of practice questions which allow you to apply your knowledge. After most online modules you’ll be given a knowledge check. These are short assessments which test you on what you have just learnt, making sure that your knowledge in short term memory is being transferred into your long term memory. 

We also make sure you have a range of practice assessments to help you practice before your end point assessment. Practice questions might be past exam questions or ones that are very similar to those used by the examining board previously. We also supply video debriefs which allow you to check your workings and step by step through the process.

No need to sacrifice your personal life

The whole OnDemand study method has been made to make learning as easy and as flexible as it possibly can be. We have found that students need to be able to work around their lives - be it work or family commitments, or just busy schedules. 

By taking the pressure off, and allowing you to study when you have time, it should allow you to really connect with the materials, absorb the information, and pass your exams.

All Kaplan products are designed with three stages in mind:

The knowledge phase is where you are first introduced to new knowledge through information and examples related to the lesson objective. The information includes vocabulary, facts, concepts, and principles related to the objective. 

The application phase gives you an opportunity to apply what you have learnt through additional activities, simulations, or questions.  Learning science has shown that reinforcing knowledge with practice cements the concepts. This second phase allows you to practice solving problems using the information that you have already learnt in the knowledge phase.

In the exam preparation phase you demonstrate your knowledge by answering questions and solving problems. These problems are similar in difficulty to those seen previously, but may be past exam questions, or exam style questions designed specifically for the you to practice on. 

Free Trial, now available

If you think studying ACCA via the OnDemand study method could work for you, then sign up to a free 5 day ACCA OnDemand trial.