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Michael Morton and dogs

Dog lover, Michael Morton, passed his Management case study in 2019 with flying colours. We picked his brain to see how he succeeded in his exam.

The Management Case Study tests your knowledge of the objective test at the Management level: E2, P2, and F2. Using the skills developed during the level, you’ll tackle things a management accountant may come across at work.

Best in the world

Going into this exam, I was seriously lacking confidence. I convinced myself I wouldn’t pass. And when it finished I wasn’t sure how I’d done, but amazingly I finished with the highest score in the world!

I discovered this news whilst sitting in the office at work. When the email came through, I genuinely thought it was someone playing a joke on me. Much later, however, I received a certificate and it appears that I might get invited to an achiever dinner, so I think I believe it now.

Operational vs Managementyou reall

I received exemptions from the Operational objective tests, due to my degree, so started with the Operational case study.

There are obvious similarities but the Operational level was more technical. It was about drawing on what you’d learnt, and applying it directly.

Management level was more about putting yourself actually into the business, the pre-seen. It was less technical and more of an application of skills. It was about giving advice to the company

With the Management case study exam, I would say don’t worry so much about the technical side; you’re answering from a different perspective.

Management level was more about putting yourself actually into the business.

Use your common sense

I really felt that the case study was my kind of exam. I prefer the common sense aspect of it: apply your learnings to the exam.

This result has given me more confidence going into the final exams. So, fingers crossed for the next level.

Michael’s top tips for passing the CIMA Management case study exam:

  • Writing technique. A good, clear, writing style is very important. Short, digestible, paragraphs. Make it easy for the examiner to read. Make it easier for them to give you marks.
  • Plan. Understandably, you might panic because you want to get writing, but if you plan your answer a little, at the start, it gives you a great basis to work from. That way, you know where you’re heading.

Building for the future

I work as a Management Accountant, for a company called Tetrosyl, based in Rochdale. With career progression, our pay is linked to our exams. So all of my studies are covered by the company.

I’m currently working hard to balance my work and study life, as I’m doing E3 and P3 together. Hopefully I will be CIMA qualified later this year. Eventually though, I’d love to work abroad, which CIMA could potentially help with.

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OK, so we can’t all be best in the world but you have a good chance of passing with Kaplan, which is all you really need to do.

For more tips on how to tackle the Management Case Study, please watch our video below.

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