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What the data tells us: when to start your ACCA course

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When juggling busy work and social lives many factors can affect when you book a course or exam.

So we’ve done some digging for you. We’ve used the latest data findings to give you an extra steer on when to book.

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Overall findings

Giving yourself at least 12 weeks before the exam to study will improve your chances of passing, so make sure you book your course with this in mind.

Of students who booked their course at least 12 weeks before the exam, 70% passed first time, compared to only 55% who booked with 8 weeks or less!

Data based on Dec 2018 pass rates for ACCA Distance Learning

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Pass rates for each subject:

The overall findings are based on average results across all subjects, but in some cases the data is even more compelling.

For example 81% of Tax and 84% of SBR students booking more than 12 weeks in advance passed first time.

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It's all about
the timing

Committing to your studies is important, but with busy lives it’s essential to give yourself sufficient time. Our research shows, this should be at least 12 weeks.

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We hope our findings help reinforce how much time you need to give yourself to increase your chance of passing.